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    Our life compared to words mentioned in computer world

    When we wake up in the morning, we switch on the start button of the computer, when we start browsing the pages, we are actually analysing what has happened in the past, when we want to go for a change, we skip for next page. In computer there is a provision for going back, editing and correcting the mistakes but in real life we cannot visit the back life nor make corrections. In computers the words are printed and can be erased, but when we speak something to others, it is deeply recorded in their minds and won't wipe out. Sometimes we struggle for proper word to make the sentence, same way we struggle for right inputs to complete the task in hand.
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    There is no edit button in our life. But we can understand the mistakes we did and we can stop doing similar mistakes again and again. God has given us the facility of remembering the happenings and analysing the happenings. If that is not that we may do the same mistakes again and again.
    On a computer, we have the facility of deleting the memories. But in real life that is there. You have no option and mind only will decide to keep them in mind or not. Certain things will be remembered for a long time and some may be forgotten immediately.

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