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    Do you still have the old style pickle jars?

    We have a large brown and white traditional jar that has been in our home since childhood. We would receive a parcel of pappads and pickles from my Dad's native place. His sister-in-law made the best mango pickles and red & yellow pappads the traditional way, and we would store the pickle in it. Once those parcels stopped since due to old age she would no longer make them, the jar lay empty for a while. Then it was found to be extremely useful to store the monthly packet of salt. In fact, in some homes, these jars are used to keep salt only, and a few years ago I was delighted to see a small one in a local shop. I bought it right away, and in it, I remove a little salt from the main packet and keep the small jar on the shelf next to the spices I use for cooking.

    Do you have such a jar(s)? Is it still used for pickles and other condiments or for something else? We could even share photos of these very versatile jars.
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    Yes we have that brown and white porcelain traditional pickle jar that would easily accommodate five kgs of mango pickles and for us it is tradition and must to prepare mango pickles every season and store them for the whole year and porcelain jars are the best bet, as we use lots of Til oil of high quality and glass jars cannot within stand the weighing of the oil and even brake. Whereas the porcelain traditional pickle jars are kept at the secluded place, and the mango pickles would be transferred to small pickle jars and used till the stock lasts. And no one would be allowed to touch the same and only after having bath and the pickles are being taken out not having any water contact to be safe and secure taste. The pickle needs to be soaked in oil, rai powder, mirchi powder for long days so that the mangoes get softened to bite.
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    I remember we used to have those brown and white coloured big size as well as medium size pickle jars when my parents were alive and were living there in our hometown. Now we do not have those things with us. Even if we prepare pickle in our house today, we keep them in small glass jars or bottles. Those old jars are still available with people who are living in their ancestral places and not migrated or moved elsewhere.Those jars were made of china clay or porcelain and were very convenient and hygienic. I have seen them in some pickle shop also where pickle is sold in loose quantity.
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    This post brings back many old memories. I used to be very fond of such pickle jars with contents. A cousin of mine and myself were (in)famous in our maternal grandparent's residence because we used to help ourselves with different types of pickles from these traditional jars (of course, without taking necessary permission).

    Interestingly, only last month I went to Vadodara, Vapi in Gujarat and also to Daman. In all the three places, I noticed that different types of pickles are being sold in roadside kiosks from such traditional jars.

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    The old styled pickel jars are found in every house long back. Few years back, a lot of these big and small ones are used to be there in our house. We used to have a very big Jar made by Parry company and that can hold upto 10 kg. Pickel. Some small jars of same kind are also there for daily using of pickel. If we store these pickles in them they can't be spoiled because they are not exposed to direct sunlight and outside atmosphere. Unlike plastic or steel, they don't react with the material in which they get stored. After the long use of many years , most of them gave cracks during summer season and slowly we discarded them. Now we are having few newly purchased jars. In those times these very comfortable pickle storing jars are available at very reasonable price. These jars are still available in our markets of AP but the cost found to be high now. Mainly these jars were used for pickel storing and rarely coarse salt is stored in them for short duration during pickel making season.

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    Pickles and salt should not be kept in steel or plastic containers and should be stored only in glass or porcelain jars. I have five or six porcelain jars in which I store salt, pickles and tamarind. They are colourful and easy to clean and when displayed on open shelves they really look classy. Home made pickles are very tasty especially when they are prepared by mothers and grandmothers. Even now my elder sister who lives in Vasai brings pickles prepared by her whenever she come to Bangalore. Yes, glass jars and jars made of china clay are available even now but are expensive. They are worth buying as they are long lasting.

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    In our house, we have 3 or 4 jars of that type. They are different in size but the shapes are the same as shown in the photo given in #753294. In our house, we make mango pickle that is sufficient for the whole year once a year and store them in these jars. We make three types of pickles. One is garlic mango pickle. The second one is jaggery mango pickle, The third one is plain mango pickle. My wife will be taking small quantities from those jars and adjusting them into small jars for daily use.
    Recently we went to Bangalore and there we have seen very small jars and we purchased one. My wife filled the same with table salt and kept it on our dining table. I have seen many people using these jars for keeping salt. We should handle them very carefully. By any chance, if we drop them they will get broken.

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    We used to call the as 'Bharni". During my childhood days there used to b many such pickle jars or Bharni s of various sizes, some even equal to my height then. But later on, the usage started becoming less. The handling and cleaning became difficult and cumbersome and gradually and these Jars used to lie idle in an unused room. That room became our dump-yard literally. One by one many of them got broken due to our negligence and rough handling.
    Now a few are there and my brothers have taken them and keep them as antique items.

    In our home, we almost avoided using glass bottles and such clay jars as they used to get broken and it became a nuisance to clean. So we started using plastic(food grade) jars. But we found that pickles do not stay long when using plastic jars. So we started buying small clay jars again. Now we make pickles in small quantities using these small bharnis or clay jars.

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    In my family, We use a big drum to store corn. It is too old as seen. My grandfather purchased this drum in a local fair, now it is like the useless object of our home. No one has the interest to care about this drum but it reminded our childhood because I always jumped from this drum when was about 10 years old boy.
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    I am sharing photos of the pickle jars in my home. The larger one is the jar that we've had for decades, which now contains a packet of salt. The lid is long since gone, so we just cover it with a plate. The smaller one is the one I bought a few years back to keep a little salt on the shelf near our spice glass bottles, within easy reach for cooking.
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    Yes, in my family too, there is a habit of keeping old things very carefully and especially such items. We have two jars in which pickles are being saved for years, one in a light color and one in dark brown color. But even though they are quite old, still there is no loss in their quality, even their shine remains the same.

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    We have a similar jar but that is a little round. We have a small one which is exactly the same as shown in the photo by the author. Yesterday my granddaughter took the lid of it and dropped it on the ground. The lid got broken. Now her grandmother has to arrange something like a lid that suits the jar. The bigger one is having pickle made last summer which we use regularly as a side dish in lunch and supper.
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