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    KCR flexi banners in Varanasi roadside hoardings ? Does he target Modi first

    Now that the elections are being held in UP and last phase is going to be completed, and since three days flexis in support of Telangana CM KCR has appeared at the vantage points of Kashi and thus opening the open confrontation between the center and state and KCR seems to target the very seat of PM Constituency and hence concentrating to get the vibes of voters there. There is no denial that TRS has been very vocal and demeaning the office of PM at every meeting for not reaching out to the state in terms of finances that are pending and projects not sanctioned. Your comment please ?
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    KCR is a leader who is famous in Telangana. But he may not have that much fan following in the other states. But some people who settled there in Varanasi might have kept his Flexi there. We all know that KCR is trying to form the third front without Congress and BJP. These days he is very active in that issue only. He met like-minded counterparts in the other states. But I doubt very much the success of this man at the central level. Last time Naidu from Andhra did the same mistake. He fought with BJP and became friendly with Congress and he lost heavily. Now KCR is again going against BJP. We don't know what is going to happen.
    He wanted his son to be the CM of Telangana State. But his family members are objects. So he could not do that and he is desperate now. He is trying different ways. But we know the opposition parties never come to an understanding. Every party chief there wants to be the PM.

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    The situation has come to a state that any local/Regional party leader can keep a hope and dream of becoming country's PM without being a national leader. Failure of Pan-Indian National parties, splintering of parties and general lack of a national feeling have given rise to regional parties coming victorious in general elections at state levels. National parties became minor partners or not even represented in some states.
    This has created the new situation whereby the regional and local parties can call the shots.
    So there is a competition and need of one-up-man show among the regional party leaders.

    In that regard KCR is also just following the trend and exploiting opportunities to making himself visible and to be reckoned for the right post at the earliest chance.

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    Many state level politicians are aspiring to become the national level leaders by advertising and other techniques. KCR is also following the same route and trying to project himself at every important place and function which can bring some advantage to him in achieving those aspirations. How much these tactics would bring positive results that only the coming times would tell but regional leaders have limited avenues to try and prove themselves.
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