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    Perception may change with time

    Perception is the way to look at something. Generally, perception changes with time. What we are today and what we have achieved so far is a result of our ever-changing perceptions which are the products of all our thoughts and actions. The present is different from the past because the mental understanding has changed, not because of somebody's clock ringing. As we grow old, we develop a different sense. What I felt at the age of 12 was different from age 30. When I reached the age of 40 then my perception was different about life. As we become older we run into different situations we have to deal with. So, perception of time is important in everyone's life.

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    True. Clarity on various aspects of life will improve as we grow and that will change our perception about various issues in life.
    Some people think maturely even at a young age. That means their perception of issues is better. But some people may not have that maturity even at a higher age.
    But again perception will change from middle age to old age. At a younger age, we will have many ambitions and desires and that will make us think differently and take bold decisions. But age we grow old, our confidence levels may come down and our ideas will vary. That is how our perfection changes with age,

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    Human beings are continuously developing during the journey of their lives and during that process they acquire a lot of experience and knowledge. These changes are responsible for making significant changes in their perception towards various matters or situations. So perception is an ever changing phenomena and it is no surprise that with age it changes considerably. One will realise it, when one's age progresses ahead, by recollecting the earlier decision or earlier observations around one's place. It is imperative that our perceptions also should improve with time and we should perceive the things around us more accurately with each day gone in our lives. That is a sign that we are successfully treading ahead in the journey of our lives.
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    Perception is changeable with the advancement of ages. This might be due to enrichment of our experience in the varied fields which we might be lacking in the beginning of the years. The more we are doing same thing, more we will have the clarity on such issues. Clarity can be attained with our deep thinking and is achieved with the experience in a particular area. We can ourselves calculate how far we have improved if recall up our past ways of our indulgence in the same job and the ways adopted of doing the same in the current time. We can see a marked change in the style of our our performance which we are doing currently.

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    It is true that people change their opinion as they grow up because there is constant shift in every filed of life. For example, children decide about their future profession when they are young and keep on changing their opinion as they grow up into teenagers and adults. Even old people change because of their unexpected health issues which they are compelled to deal with very carefully. Even while saving money they shift their old way of investing to the newest way through which they can earn better interest rate than before.

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