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    Make every effort to become updated in your chosen profession

    A very young MBA was rejected recently in an interview by an upcoming FMCG company. He had four years experience and he obviously thought that there would be questions related to his experience. He was right. The Marketing senior executive has risen from the ranks and kept on asking questions related to his experience. When the young man thought that the panel was so happy and that he was really selected, in came a very young man. He introduced himself as the Deputy Managing Director

    The young man was asked his experience and some finer details. However, the young DMD, who had studied for his MBA from a big University in the USA, was stumped when he was asked to relate how the Blue Ocean Strategy of a rival company made a big difference to the famous product.

    This young man, an MBA from a fairly average Deemed University was caught napping. He did not even know what was meant by Blue Ocean Strategy. He gave some vague but inaccurate answer. If he had said that he was not sure, may be, he would have been selected.

    I had to advise the young man that those days when one got an MBA degree and quickly forgot all concepts and relied only on practical experience, are all but over. Today's competition is global and in every Management family, the younger generation is invariably educated abroad. They are very highly updated.

    Nothing can work without being updated. Data analytics, for example, would become relevant for every professional in the days to come. The revolution has just begun
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    A nice thread by the author. Today we are working in a highly competitive world. Continuous skill up gradation and updating knowledge and information is the need of the hour and anyone who wants to make a career and progress in it has to keep these things in mind. The technological and scientific advancements are forcing the professionals to learn newer things to remain in the job and companies and organisations are selecting the people based on that capability only. So it is imperative that professionals whether they are scientists or doctors or computer persons or management executives, they have to update their knowledge to remain in the business which is basically required for a livelihood as well as a satisfying life. I remember in the earlier times people did not need updating or acquiring new knowledge as the developments were very slow but today everyday we are observing some new things and we have to keep pace with them by acquiring new knowledge.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Not only the people who are attending interviews but also working professionals should be getting updated with the latest information about the subject and the area they are working in. Then only they will grow in their career. The skills we have may not be sufficient to manage the present-day work and in such a case we have to acquire the skills that are recently developed and are required for us. Then only we can grow.
    During my education or my initial service period, I never used a computer or Laptop. But later on, the requirement increased. I did some certification courses and started using desktop and now I am very much conversant in using either desktop or laptop. Similarly, all should learn the skills that are useful in their work front and show their bosses that they are updated. Technology is changing very fast and we should also change and get the required knowledge.

    always confident

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