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    Inclusive growth also means positions of power

    The post of the Mayor of the Chennai Corporation is a highly prestigious position and the lady selected by the party is just 28 years old. She belongs to the category of citizens who find their communities listed in the scheduled category for reservations in education, jobs and the like.

    Very recently, even the Supreme Court has given a jundgement that real social upliftment can happen only when there is reservation for the oppressed. The lady under reference is not the only one woman. There are others selected by the DMK party to leadership positions in various positions. The highly dynamic Chief Minister, Mr.M.K.Stalin is very keen on good governance and leads from the front.

    One can only hope that this younger generation will further improve the standards of public governance in Chennai metropolis and other cities of Tamil Nadu. Kerala had already done a similar experiment when the person selected was a very young girl, in her twenties. She is reportedly doing a good job.

    Let such woman prove their competence.
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    While I appreciate TN CM Stalin for reposing faith on a young leader and given the position of Chennai Mayor, what I felt and seen in our state that though the young leaders are coming to the power, but when it comes to major decision making, the high people would interfere and have the say. Even we had a woman mayor for Hyderabad and she was controlled by her husband on every issue and thus she was ornamental to post and nothing else. Likewise in Chennai it should not happen. It is the big metro city and having pressing civic problems and we know many DMK local leaders would be after her to sanction the basic amenities and she must go with priorities and not the recommendations of the ruling party. Truly if the women are ready to assert their rights and positions, they can do far better than men in every sphere.
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    As a matter of fact, in many states, there are reservations for these local administrative posts. In many villages, there will be members from various reserved categories. But they are just for the name's sake only. The actual ruling will be done by the local leaders belonging to that area. Some seats are reserved for ladies but their husbands only will rule the village. This is the ground reality.
    It is good to note that the Chief Minister of TN is giving chance to young and energetic people from SC/ST/BC castes and allowing them to perform. When we empower them only their original talent and administrative capabilities will come out and get exposed.
    If really such people were given a chance we can see a lot of change in society. Let us hope that all other state governments will also follow this man and give support to such people.

    always confident

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    It is definitely a good thought to help the reserved category candidates to rise to such responsible positions. Then there is the issue of women empowerment also and it is necessary for the ruling party to take care of their interests. It is also a well known fact that when people are given chance, whatever their age might be, they come up to the expectations of the higher ups and in many cases we had seen that they come with new out of the box ideas for betterment and development of the society. The overall administrative approach in TN seems to be on a right path.
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