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    How good are robots in cleaning homes?

    Getting a good domestic help is becoming very difficult in most places, including semi-urban areas. The place where we live is no exception. The married women have many choices as they easily get more salary in the small scale enterprises that cater to a huge auto component company out here. The birth rate is coming down day after day and this is another reason why this situation prevails.

    Today, my wife and I are confused by the choices. One does hear of a robot, priced under Rs50,000 that does a very good job. The question is: is the robot worth the money and investment? Is it fine to look for cheaper options?

    Members, who have had similar experiences, can please chip in with their views and opinions. We are yet to witness a demo, but that can be done only in Chennai, which is 110 kilometers away and takes 150 minutes to reach by car. In the meanwhile, if we know a few vital details, we can take a decision.
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    In the early days, we were using our fingers to clean our teeth. We also used neem sticks etc. . Then came toothbrushes.

    However we still wish our fingers had bristles on them so that cleaning teeth would have been more natural and convenient.

    I think the same thought can be applied to all aids and appliances.

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    My experience with these cleaning robots is not very encouraging.
    My brother's son purchased one robot for floor cleaning. The cost of the machine was around Rs.60,000/-. We can programme the machine by making it to understand the area it has to clean. Once it is done and time is given. The machine will do that cleaning and then wipe the floor as per the time fixed. If there are articles on the floor, it can't move them. So it will avoid cleaning and go by the side of that material. It will make around and sit in its place. Again we have to go and see whether it has cleaned properly or not. If necessary we may have to do it manually again. They are not using it presently and kept it idle.

    always confident

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    Robots are to be upgraded so that they can identify the critical areas and if that persists, robots could be designed with some alarming bells to alert master of the house to take precautionary steps to remove the materials obstructing in the process of cleaning. May be, the manufacturer is aware of its shortcomings and probably a new version will come up with the advanced features which will take care of the impediments presently faced by the customers.May be it would take some time for its up gradation and till then we need to look for a regular maid to carry out the domestic job.

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    I was just wondering on reading this post that the author was time and again was very vocal and strong critic of central govt for not giving credence to the unemployment problems and the people are suffering. By the way domestic servants are also a strong group who would do part time, piece based works at each home and eke their livelihood. I have seen one women who comes at 5 am to my opposite house and she finishes the cleaning of forecourt and doing Rangole and return to other home quickly. This way she is doing work at four places in the same colony and paid 800 each and she would come on all days. I am sure the robots cannot do the work of cleaning, washing the area with water, moping and then doing the RangolI. Some works are designated to the labors and they have to work and there is no alternatives.
    K Mohan
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    50k on a robot for cleaning? You must be kidding! What a total waste of money. I would much rather spend such a large amount on a trip or on purchasing something useful, such as a laptop, or save it for a house purchase. On top of that, you are going to take a long-distance drive, waste a ton of fuel to and fro, and likely end up either disappointed with the robot on actually seeing it, or with a device that will sooner or later wear down.

    I completely agree with K Mohan. It is better to give human beings employment rather than spend such a sum on a frivolous gadget that (a) is not as efficient as it is advertised as, (b) requires maintenance (c) will break down any minute so that you will require some astronomical sum to repair it and (d) likely has a short shelf life.

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    These cleaning robots are becoming popular nowadays with some of the middle class and many of the upper class families. It costs in the range Rs 40000 to 60000 depending on the model. Those who are using it are praising it like anything. It comes in a flat round shape having a height of only 2-3 inches. It can go below the cot, chair, table etc and clean and manoeuvre itself in the complex paths and after competing the cleaning of the room comes back to its dock for charging. It does not get disturbed by the legs of the chairs etc and rotates around them. It is fully computerised and does its job efficiently and I think it requires charging daily so that its battery can function properly.
    I also feel that buying such a costly robot for cleaning a room is a costly proposition when maid servant is available in reasonable payment and it is also creating employment for the poor.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I agree with Mohan that we can give that work to a person so that she/he will get some employment and some money through that work. But the problem is many places people are not ready to come and attend such works. In our village in AP., the lands are very fertile and many people will go for work in the field. In a month they will get some work for a minimum period of 20 days a month. and that will fetch them about 10,000 to 12000/- rupees. So the people prefer those works and are not ready to do these works. In such cases, some people are thinking about these machines. Of course, they are costly and many can't afford them also.
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