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    Has this fabulous Serial become a hit in Telugu as well?

    Television serials that are meaningful are very rare in Indian languages. In Tamil, this superb Serial called Sundari has already ignited the entire Tamil Nadu and this serial is right now is on top of popularity charts with the highest TRW ratings.

    Be that as it may, there is another piece of good news from a friend who belongs to AP. He has heard about the same serial in Telugu but does not regularly see it. He is not able to tell if it is famous.

    Sundari, the serial is all about a humble village girl who wants to become an IAS officer. She gets to marry a crook who had cheated her. He goes on marry another rich industrialist, who is also the employer of the humble girl. She has already warmed herself to every person in the rich family and becomes so important.

    Sundari learns about her husband's dual life and virtually tears him to pieces. The episodes that went on air on the 4th and 6th of January 2022, went on make a big revolution as the script was so powerful and the heroine talked about Women's liberation. The humble girl is dark skinned and this is her main problem. How she fights against all odds is the crux of the story.

    Is the Telugu version as famous as the Tamil one? One also hears that the Kannada version is quite famous as well.
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    My knowledge about TV serials is very little. In our family, none will see these serials. But our relatives who are staying nearby will be watching these serials. He was telling me that the particular TV serial mentioned by the author is a popular serial in both the Telugu states namely Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. My relative was very fond of these serials. He and his wife will discuss these serials when they sit together. By any chance, if one of them miss seeing an episode, the other person will narrate the serial progress on that day.
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    Usually I don't follow any serial on any TV channel. Nowadays the TV channels are arranging in such a way that they can see any episode of any serial according to their convenient time through Apps. in smart phone or smart TV. I don't see serials but I am watching the advt of Sundari serial in Telugu. Many of the serials of Tamil or Telugu channels are dubbed and shown the same in different languages. I think this serial Sundari may also be popular in Telugu!!

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    Now a days the tv serials are becoming more powerful and the script writing along with screen play portrays the real life situation and that is why the audience easily connect to such situations and the TRP would be great. The story would be small and even known to us, but the way the character takes the scene to next level and the very presence of mind in each scene makes the serial most sought after. Having seen the hit with Tamil audience, the serial may be hit in Telugu as well. Actually the four South Indian languages compensate and complements with each other when movie or serial becomes hit and therefore they are remade for the target audience. What ever it is, if the serial is women oriented and has the powerful message of women's emancipation, the support would be huge and formidable and such stories accepted.
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    Sivakumar, I suggest you come up with threads that can evoke responses from members cutting across different states. Making your point about the serial, it would have been better if you had converted it into a general thread. Or is it that you are soliciting responses from the members belonging to 'three states' only?
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    Saji Sir, not at all. I have clearly explained the story. Those who see it, can easily understand the crux as the body language is simply fabulous. Only a few days back, I received a call from my friend in New Delhi who said that he would watch the Tamil version and try to get the core message from his Tamil colleagues in his office the next day. This person is basically Hindi speaking. I was a bit surprised. This is the kind of impact the serial has already created. I did not mean to restrict the discussion to people of three States. My intent was to make every Indian watch it in any one of the three languages. May be, very soon, someone will make it in Hindi as well. The core message is simply fabulous and the direction is just too good.

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