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    Related to member ranking and its benefits

    Glad to be a ISC member from 2013 since it motivates very well. I write here and spend my time usefully. One day I noticed my member rank was gone. What is the reason for that? Need to know the benefits of member rankings?
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    Member ranking will be decided based on the performance of the member on the site, The calculation will be done automatically. The points scored that week will be taken into consideration and in addition to that the points scored during the last three months will also be taken into consideration. Some members may not be given any ranking till they get some minimum points.
    To know more about the ranking system you can go through the following by opening the link.
    Member Ranking

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    Thamaraiselvi, you need to be consistent in contributing to the site to maintain your member ranking. You have not been around for a long time now and have thus lost your ranking. Please check out the link provided by Dr Rao and also this help topic to know more about member rankings and member levels.

    I suggest you be active on the site, not only for the ranking or level but also to improve your writing skills and language.

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    This post is truly informative for me. I was also wondering why even after reaching Gold level and posting frequently fetch me any rank. Now I am able to understand the reason. I am eagerly waiting to get a rank . Thank you Dr.Rao and Saji Ganesh for the information.

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