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    Why don't Indian parents encourage sports as a part of education?

    In India, parents want their children to perform well in their studies and to top in every class. They show a tremendous indifference to choosing sports as a career. Children are forced to take academics over sports by the pressure of their parents. They neglect the fact that not all children have the same intelligence quotient. Some students who are average or below average in studies show excellent skills in sports. Most parents consider sports or any other co-curricular as a hobby or recreational activity. Many developed countries encourage the younger generation to take up sports as a career. It also enhances the cognitive ability, memory, and concentration of a person. Due to this apprehension or disinterest in sports by parents, the government also allocate limited funds for sports fields. This is the main reason why India has achieved only 10 gold medals in the Olympics till date.
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    Sports is also a good area for career making. Only thing is there may be less positions in sports as compared to the other jobs which are generally preferred by the students after completing their education or technical course. So it appears that coming up in sports might be more difficult than becoming successful in academic lines. Parents might be aware of this fact and that is the reason why they are not encouraging their children to go in the sports line. Another thing is that for sports one has to be physically fit and alert and it is not everyone's cup of tea to excel in sports.
    Non-sports jobs are having a great variety and one can choose as per one's liking and interest. There are influential positions where people get respect and command and naturally students yearn for those positions rather than playing the games in difficult climatic or weather conditions.

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    This is mainly due to uncertainty, if a child chooses a sport as a career and he/she finally succeds or not. If children undergoes education in different courses, finally they may have the opportunity to get one or the other job. If a child chooses a sport as a career he/she has to get good training, good facilities for learning, money to spend for training, opportunities to play and get chances to play, have to overcome competition in the same sport, etc. A serious student of any sport if they are unable climb up the ladder any step, their entire plan of their career stop abruptly. In Cricket arena we are seeing so many excellent talented players are not able to play for India because of lack of opportunities. This is the reason why parents give preference to academics rather than to sports.

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    Indian parents want their children to excel in academics because that is the only way of getting well settled in future. They get admission to one of the best schools and even send them to various tuition classes. Sports is considered to be an extracurricular activity. In addition, if the children want to become recognized sportspersons, the parents have to enrol their kids in a centre where the aspiring kids are charged heavy fees which the parents do not want to/ may not be able to spend on.

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    Unfortunately India weighs more on academic excellence and not the sports excellence. What I have seen that those who are not good at studies and and when they would clearly tell the parents that they need not spend on studies, instead try hard on sports, the parents would also agree. But certainly Indian parents would not give sports and education as the equal priority and each has its own timing and mixing would fetch no results. The other day I have seen Kapil Dev interview and we know his great performance as a cricketer for the country who brought name and fame but he was poor with education and that he realised when foreign media asked to say something about after winning and he has to cut the sorry face. So what I meant was clearly explained and therefore sports and education cannot go hand in hand.
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    I feel this is mainly due to the financial position of the family and the uncertainties that are involved in areas other than education. There are many types of courses for the individuals to study and the chances of getting a job will depend on the education he had. So general an average Indian thinks that his children will be financially stable if they have a good job. A person who ignores education and concentrates on other areas like sports, the chances of shinning in that line may be very less and chances of making their lively hood through those areas may be very remote.
    A rich man who is sure of his and his children's life, never care for the earnings of his children and may encourage him to participate in any area he is interested in. But normal middle-class families can't do that. The competition in every field is very high. Only people who got excellent skill sets in the game they play can only make the game their career.

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    For this question, the culprits are not only parents but also school authorities. In those periods almost all schools are having Physical Education Training Periods and there was a specific teacher for PET. A special room for PET was there with all play materials like foot ball, table tennis materials, etc., A marker was in work at that room employed by the school. A student called Mr. Paramanathan during our school days was bright in games and he got trained in Gyms sports. Later he got railway job in sports quota and became Station Master. Presently some Government schools only have PET periods and PET masters. As usual complaint from my side, no parents are keenly interested in children's activities and they left everything with schools and tuition masters. Children are as a student do not know anything but a teacher should brush his or her brain into a good direction. For this parents should ask the children when returning from school what was studied and what was the interesting in school on that day. But almost no parents are asking the children so or spending casual time with the children.

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