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    Statistics of making self-decision

    Statistics say that about 60 to 80 % of the people in the world today are unhappy with self-decisions. It has many reasons. According to me, the main reason is their current jobs because people have the capability to achieve more success but due to a wrong decision their talents are wasted. Who is responsible for making wrong decisions, compulsions or the system?
    But if you think positively and analyse statistics of making self-decisions, it may help in self-improvement and to get success in life.
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    While taking self decisions care has to be taken as to whom it is affecting most, whether self or the others. But invariably those who are young and next generation genre are in haste and take self decisions on their own without consulting anyone and thus end up as thud and even repenting for wrong done. Not that they are not educated, not that they are not talented, but they have the ego of not consulting others and wants to stand on their own. It is the good trait to have self decisions, but not on the issues which have far reaching effects on own career and thus end up with more challenges piling. If the statistics kept by each individual as to what went wrong through the hasty self decision, surely they would ponder over the fact that the issues and matters were done without doing home work or self introspections.
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    Taking self decisions without taking confidence to our closed friends is not bad but we might lack in thinking the whole situation with which we can take a proper decision if we could discuss the same within our friend circle. Most of us are taking decisions independently without any discussion with others because of our self confidence. Moreover, ego plays a significant role hindering us to discuss the entire issues with them. Sometimes we are afraid of committing mistakes if we discuss issues with our friends and might end up with a wrong decision.

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    It is always good to take any important decisions of your life yourself as you are the best person to assess your plus and minus points. Nevertheless, some individuals are so weak in their minds that they can not judge what is right or wrong for them.Such people always take the help of others even for petty things.It is not a bad idea to consult others but ultimately one should take the final decision. This can be applicable to taking up a new job, starting a business and investing money in banks or stocks. A person who is self confident and bold seldom goes wrong in taking decisions in life.

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    If we do the necessary back end work, generally, self-decision will be proved to be the best decision. We are the person who knows all the points pertaining to the situation. What is the impact the situation has on us will be known to us only. The suggestions of the others will depend on how you conveyed the issue to them and how they understood the situation. But before taking a decision we should do a lot of back end work. We have to understand the causes and their effects. We can also discuss the matter with different people. We can hear their decisions and ideas. After hearing all those ideas and after giving a thorough thought of the situation, we have to make a self-decision. In such a condition the chances of decisions going wrong are very remote. Some people make decisions without thinking properly. In such cases chances of decisions going wrong are different.
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    When a person takes some decisions in one's life then one considers number of factors for arriving at that decision. Depending on one's knowledge, experience, and talent one can workout the future paths and accordingly one can take decisions to achieve those goals and objectives. The most interesting thing in this matter is that the future is unseen or unknown and it is quite possible that even after taking decisions the result or outcome may not be commensurate with our thinking. In such cases of failure we are hurt and humiliated that our decisions were not correct. But this we come to know only at a later stage and not before taking the decisions. There are many things which are not in our hands and we can only try to take decisions based on our best of efforts. We can definitely try to improve ourselves in that respect.
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