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    Our perceptions are the key to our future actions

    Human perceptions are conceived in myriads of ways. It is believed that our perceptions are formed based on our bringing up, interaction with others, and observation of events happening around us. So when we perceive a particular thing in a particular way then it is the culmination of so many things acquired in our past life that we had experienced and even formed some strong opinion about those matters or actions in our mind. It is obvious that many of our actions and decisions are based on the acquired perceptions only.
    When we observe the things with open and analytical mind with a logical approach without any bias then only we will understand them in their entirety as well as grasp their real meanings. Only then our perceptions would be more robust, clear, and positive in true sense.
    In essence, if our perceptions are constructive with a positive undertone then our future actions and decisions will also be in tune with them leading to progress and prosperity.
    This is my entry for the month end topic based contest - perception.
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    True. perceptions will be based on various traits of the individual. I know a lady who thought that she was never liked by her husband. What are the reasons? The reasons she gave made me feel that her thoughts are very extreme and she has no confidence in her husband. When her perception of her husband is like that, she can't stay with her husband. So the perception makes a lot of impact on the minds of the individual.
    always confident

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