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    The hard realities of life cannot be denied?

    It is a human endeavor to make a successful long life within a short span of life. In some cases, people get what they want, but getting what they want is not always complete. And the consciousness of not getting teaches people to ask for something new. Some people take the trouble to break the dream and become dreamless and fall face down. The people who are distracted by the goal of winning the dream are once busy in the fight to kill the memory. In our society, we do not know how to respect each other's dreams. We can't give the inspiration to fulfill a dream. We do not hesitate to create obstacles. So in order to conquer the difficult realities of life and reach one's goal, we need to be the bearer of inspiration for each other.
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    It is true that the hard realities cannot be denied, because we are alone responsible for the hit and miss in life and none can be blamed for non achievement or anything short of achievement. For example in a sport of charsing in group some would excel and upbeat others and be the first and therefore there would be first , second and third winner, but in life we have to win the game of living at any cost and among the ten best or the lot. Our aim should be to reach the top of the world in any competition of life not withstanding the denials, chances of having stiff competition and even detractors who would persuade us to withdraw from the game. Nothing should discard us and our positive feeling alone would get into the act of performing and if that is started the winning position has to be decided on the field for sure.
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    There are many issues in life that will happen contrary to our expectations. We want something but something different may happen. We can't go on worrying about the same. We have to come to terms with the ground realities and proceed further in our lives. Some people start worrying about the happenings. In that process, they will lose many chances to revive the loss and restart working towards attending to their endeavours to reach their goals. As a matter of fact, we may not be able to control all the happenings in our lives. Some will happen even though we are not interested. So we should take positively whatever happens and then change our attitude so that we will be happy with whatever we get. In such times we should see some people who will inspire us and guide us to attain our goals and recover well from the mental harassment we are undergoing due to the happenings.
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    Life is a difficult journey and there are always surprises in our ways that we never imagined. Everyone is struggling in one's own way and employing best of one's capabilities to move ahead successfully. We can only try and keep trying as the results are not aways as expected. In this cruel and indifferent world help also not easily available and we have to manage and mitigate our problems ourselves. Inspiration and encouragement come from some quarters and that might keep us in good spirits but the fact of life is that we have to ourselves overcome the hurdles with best of our efforts and sustained hard work.
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    Everyone wants to achieve the best in life and dream for building their own houses,getting a job with a fat pay packet,getting married to the best partner and many other things. However, all they aspire for do not become reality.It is true that some people are always jealous when they watch their friends,relative or colleagues in office progress fast and achieve their dreams,But a selected few are very helpful and guide others when they do not succeed,breakdown and try to give up what they had wanted to do. Ultimately, it is the individuals who should take the responsibility of fulfilling their ambition without worrying about hurdles and failures they might come across in their lives.

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