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    Why many thinks that retirement is the end of their life career?

    When ever I had interacted with the elders on some context or other, there has been feeling of insecurity within them that while working, they were wielding the power of earning and had considerable control over the family and after retirement, the other members of the family simply ask the elder to take rest on easy chair and do nothing. Having worked for so many years and having put in varied services, asking the elders to keep quiet is the big insult to them and they cannot digest. Moreover some elders are earning good pension better than their last drawn salary. So do not discourage the elders if they want to do something nice to them.
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    At the time of retirement many people have this feeling that they are removed from the job and now there is nothing to do in their lives after the retirement. This is sometimes natural to feel like that but one should understand that retirement is not the end of life. In fact it is the beginning of another life.
    I was very busy during my service period and at the time of retirement I also felt same type of void and emptiness that has been mentioned in this post by the author. I slowly adjusted myself to the changed situation and I started to spend my time in my hobbies and constructive activities like writing and publishing in various internet sites. Today I am as busy almost like as when I was employed.
    If a person is financially comfortable in his retirement life then the best way to pass one's time is to pursue one's hobbies.

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    That is true. As the people grow old, their importance in the family will come down. This is natural and we have to accept the realities. The energy levels and the brainpower of old people will come down as they grow old. So old people may not be able to help much to the people who are suffering. The best help these old people can do is to lead a simple life by having their own timetable and having more rest.
    But many old people unnecessarily interfere in all aspects and irritate the younger generation. That is one reason why the younger generation ignores the oldies. If the old people start minding their own works and stop interfering in others activities we can see a lot of improvement. There will not much problem with the money these days. The main problems come with the perceptions and the behaviour of the people.

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