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    Share your opinion on the statement—"It's found out! Earth is actually flat"

    Earth is a sphere orbiting the sun; this is a mostly accepted statement by scientists and people around the globe. But there are some people who consider the earth as flat. I actually want members to explain the statement— "It's found out! Earth is actually flat". Would you elaborate and share your opinions, please.
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    Initially, it was believed that the earth is flat. But later on, it was thought that the earth is not flat and some scientists proved that earth is round. Even today also many people believe that earth is round only. I also believe that the earth is round and that will be moving around the Sun while moving around itself.
    There are many reasons explained by many scientists for proving that the earth is round. When we want to achieve something and try but could not do that. we will say the earth is round. But even today some put forward different theories to say that earth is flat.

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    This is present mania in this universe. Every old sayings and concepts are criticized and changed at the interest of individuals. Pronouncing names, words as they please, saying this is false and that is false etc., are all in the present trend. In those days all science books got mentioned that 'Milk is a Whole food' but now people are advised milk consumption is not good to health. Now they come to the earth is flat and not as globe.

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    What I feel that earth is round and not flat. I have reasons to believe the same. Why because we keep on meeting those people who lost connections with us and left somewhere and yet spotted on some day or the other and that proves earth is round. If it was flat, we cannot meet each other. Only yesterday I was watching a video taken from a Chinese satellite as how earth was moving away when the moon rises. And it does not look flat as told by the author but looked round and rising. When the earth is round, the changes of day and nights and happening, otherwise we would not get the four seasons and the moving of the time. So those who are not having any work would raise such issues which cannot be believed nor they have substantial examples to prove and this one is already proven that earth is round and no other size.
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    Scientific advancements had brought out many new theories and new ideas about the the Earth and the universe inside which it is situated. People who have studied science and are in touch with these developments understand these things and believe also in these new ideas, inventions, and theories.
    At the same time there are some traditional beliefs and ideas which are firmly attached in the minds of people and it is difficult to dislodge those things and adopt everything as science is telling us. Time to time religious leaders and some other socially influential people who are not much interested in scientific ideas will repeat and re-illustrate information about some old traditions and old values and try to impress that those things were correct and today what science is telling is not correct.
    So as per our knowledge and understanding it is up to us to choose one of those things between the old things or scientific progresses.

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