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This thread is the winner of a special prize in the Topic-based TOW contest for Feb '22.
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    Our perception will impact our behaviour

    Perception is a generic word we use that actually tells about the complex sensory control of the behaviour of an individual.

    The way we behave in a situation depends on the perception we have about the situation. We have seen recently the spread of COVID 19. During this situation, some people followed all the protocols that are to be followed. But we have seen some people who never followed them. The difference in their behaviour is due to the risk perception they have. The people who perceived the chances of contracting the virus showed greater intentions of getting vaccinated. People who perceived vaccination as a myth never went for vaccination.

    When we meet a person, we behave with him based on the perception we have about him. When we feel that the person is good and reliable, we will be soft and expressive with him. Similarly, different persons behave differently in the same situation depending on their perception of the situation. Physical appearance can also play an important role. If we see a man dressed in a traditional way, we assume that he is a strong follower of traditions.

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    Topic based TOW contest for Feb- topic- Perception
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    All our actions and behaviour are based on our perceptions only. We do and act as per what we perceive. Perceptions are the culminations of our past experiences and earnings. It can also be said that all our biases and prejudices are nothing but our perceptions. When we talk or behave with a person then our manners are dictated by the information that we possess about that person. In such a case it is natural that our behaviour will be as per those information about that person. We interact with so many people within a day but our behaviour changes from person to person. That is all because of the perception of that person in our mind.
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    The author has nicely related the covid behavior among the persons to the tow topic and made a nice write up. Those who have positive perceptions of rules and regulations are the sincere followers and they never contracted the virus either in first, second or third wave. Those who are indifferent with their perceptions in the first wave, and did not followed the protocols are contracted with virus in second wave and their all earnings were gone for the doctor and hospitals. Surely our perception on any matter or person would change our behavior and we tend to have impacted moments towards the same and that would decide our future course of action also. Some times our perceptions about a person may go wrong, as we think he is uneducated and would talk to him local language, but he would give fitting reply in English.
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