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    Why does the media always highlight negative news?

    The media gets the much needed attention only when it constantly highlight negative news. When you open the news paper the headlines will always be about some death or disaster which happened just before printing and publishing. Similarly,television news channels also repeatedly discuss about such bad news. Why do they do that? Please give your views.
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    Very good question posed by the author. When I was child, I asked my father as to why he go through the news paper with so much interest and at that time I was not having idea of news impact on our life. He said reading news daily is the part of life to know the whereabouts and whatabouts of the happenings and gave one good example. For media if a dog bites a person, that is not a news, when the person bites the same dog its a big news. Same way when the things are happening regularly, the media thinks that it is the duty of the govt and that need not be highlighted, but when things does not happen, it need to be questioned and even chased for the answers. But some media are going too personal and involving in love affairs of grown up girls and boys to which we need not bother and how their family is opposing and how they are united with police will and convincing are the news that is happening these days to which there is no caredence.
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    Abdul KalamJi. our ex-President and most respected scientist of our country once side the main reason for many criminal activities in our country is the news agencies and TV news channel which gives always preference to these negative news only. When people open the newspaper early in the morning, they will see this news only and their mind starts working on that. So he said that they should publish positive news on the front page. But who follows Probably, these negative news will be more attractive to people and hence they may be reading the newspapers and watching channels which will give more importance to such news.
    These days we see much deterioration in the standards of the newspapers and channels. They want higher TRP ratings and to achieve that they are ready to stoop down to any level. In addition to that some media houses look for foreign aids and they will do anything for getting that.

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    Media has a particular pattern of presenting news. They are very selective in their approach and different different channels will have priority for different different news as per their affiliations with the business groups or political parties or some other influential people. They might be getting favours for doing that. Another important thing in this matter is that these channels have a deep desire to increase their TRP which gives them more advertisements from the prospective companies and increases their earnings. Some channels openly favour some parties or groups and the viewer can find it very easily.
    While listening the news and other programs in a channel we can very easily find out that with which group this particular channel is having an affinity.

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    The devilish role being played by the Indian media has again become evident during the ongoing evacuation process of stranded Indian students at Ukraine. Let me explain in detail.

    The stranded students are of hardcore academic type. They are serious, have always immersed in text books/notes and 'war' is almost a forbidden word for most of them. They didn't understand the difference between pistol and revolver, gun and rifle, tank and armoured vehicle and different calibre artillery guns. They couldn't differentiate between fighter and bomber or between frigate and destroyer.

    Such students suddenly found themselves at the centre of intense, do-or-die fighting between two major military powers. It is quite natural that these students felt alienated, extremely nervous and asked the Indian Government to take them out from the war-ravaged country immediately. The parents of these children also thought in this manner.

    Even a delay of one day would cause extreme mental agony to these hapless students and their parents. It is quite natural. The Government fully understands this.

    When such students were brought back, they have expressed their gratitude for the Indian Government, immediately forgetting their past agony. The relieved parents blessed the Government officials involved in the evacuation process.

    But, what about those media-people who knew fully well the difficulties associated with the evacuation process? Didn't they know about the intense discussion going on among India, Russia and Ukraine so that these students get the opportunity to go to the neighbouring countries and from there, they can be evacuated safely?

    These media-people, despite having complete knowledge, spread extreme negativity and panic among the stranded students in Ukraine and their guardians in India.

    These media-middlemen almost prayed for major mishaps so that the evacuation process can be criticized and more panic can be spread.

    We must note these ANTI-NATIONAL media and expose them everywhere. The more they are exposed, the less importance/attention they get.

    And if they don't get any attention, their ability to harm by spreading propaganda and negativity against India will be greatly diminished.

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    If you do 100 tasks very efficiently but failed to do 1 task, people will question you. People notice negative things first. Positivity takes time to get noticed. Thus, the media wants TRP and attractions of people. It's a business. Nowadays they forget the sole aim of journalism. It's all about money and power.
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    Media definitely influences the viewers and if the news is negative one, it will impact the viewers especially the adolescents. We should not forget the adult population is roughly 60 % of the entire population and they will be impacted with such negative news. Of late, we see the surge of criminal activities, elopement of the girls with their friends, raps and so on are being witnessed in our channels. Coverage of the news papers are not the the exceptions.
    I think the journalists are more inclined to display negative news since the viewers/ readers are more attracted with such coverage. The good news don't attract the viewers/ readers to that extent which we see the effects of negative news.

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    I agree with the false and negative propaganda by a few of the journalists, media houses, and individuals but I am being bound to think all those on a positive note because the belief system of a large section of our society is changing very rapidly being the reason that those are being questioned and countered in the ways they tend to understand. I believe in the theory of Karma/actions and this is the most ideal time to watch all those who have been disrespectful to the belief system of others and also who never respected their motherland and their frustration level at this point of time is well understood.

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