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    Do different perceptions create barriers to communication?

    Every person has a unique personality and perceives the world in their own unique way. Every individual has different perceptions of different people. And in a similar way, different people can also have different perceptions of an individual. So, the opinion of a person may be different from that of others. But it cannot be said that the perception of a person by another person is always accurate. And, sometimes people develop such a perception of others that it may create barriers to communication. These barriers interrupt and prevent us from having an accurate perception of others. These perception barriers arise primarily as a result of a person's conception of others before knowing anything. Now, these perception barriers disrupt active communication between individuals by making an individual biassed and forced to think in a particular way. In this way, the conversation between two individuals will not be as healthy as it could be. It is very common for it to occur when we meet with a person for the first time. We make some assumptions based on our own personal interests, beliefs, and preferences, and it also affects our communication and interpersonal relationships, which, in turn, also affects trust.

    To avoid such situations and have smooth and healthy relationships, it is necessary to break down these perception barriers. Though it is not an easy task to break entrenched perceptions or tackle them, adopting a positive attitude towards others can help to create healthy interactions and healthy relationships. Therefore, it is necessary to break down our assumptions and overcome the perceived barriers to bridge the communication gaps.

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    Unfortunately when mindsets are different, then perceptions thought process would also be vary and may not match and these many different perceptions cannot be agreed to arrive at a decision. In a meeting or consultation table when the views are elicited, surely there would be different perceptions and approach to the problems and challenges, but what should be decided is based on the past actions and the rules that permit us to do in the given circumstances. But one thing can be done, as a moderator we have every right to deliberate and discuss each perceptions and try to bring in amicable agreement between the opposing teams. And that can be done only if we have broader knowledge of the things that has happened earlier and must be ready to quote the examples and references of past so that they would agree.
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    A nice post by the author. Most of the conflicts and confrontations or discussions in this world are due to the difference of perception between the people. Every person has some experience in his life as well as some accumulated knowledge and ideas about the society and the world around him and depending on all those basic elements that person has got a specific perception about the things that he observes or actions that he undertakes.
    It is real that some people will have same perceptions about the things. If it happens that video very interesting situation in the sense that they all will immediately agree for a decision without bothering award it's result. When a person is followed by others blindly then such a thing can happen.
    Difference of perception between people is required for healthy discussions and for reaching to a good solution for a problem.

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    The thought process would vary from man to man and if the the perception is different, there will be certainly the chance of confrontation of the ideas. Perception is dependent upon the accumulated experience, temperament of the man, his educational background and the atmosphere with which one is surrounded. If the perceptions are different, there are chances that the discussions would prolong and at some point, they might disagree to arrive at some conclusion. However, any difference between the parties is quite normal and we should be prepared for it. In such situations, consistent follow up should be made so that there could be a reasonable agreement between the two parties.

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    When we see the world through a black glass, the whole world will appear black only. If we see without any glass only we can see the world in its original colour. The way you looks at things will make a lot of difference. Our personal thought process, biased behaviour and mindset will have a lot of impact on our perceptions. Based on perceptions we will take action or we will behave. When a person looks at a certain issue, his perception will be based on his personal interests also. When all the people look at the issue with an open mind without any barriers only the most appropriate or the best solution may be evolved
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