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    Cross-check of every perception is a necessity

    Life is not easy because it's full of challenges, and facing them is a rigorous task. Each one has their opinion regarding different matters and tackles them accordingly. The thought process differs; it's because no single person is similar. How are the people dissimilar? It's because of the difference in their temperament. Thus, people are either positive or negative minded, and definitely, a small percentage of people believes in being balanced. So, it's all about mental approach and strength forming various perceptions from neutral to right and wrong.

    Those who are positive-minded always spread optimism, but the problem is with people who either are neutral or negative minded. People who believe in remaining neutral about any issue only to avoid conflict usually fan it further. There is another section of people who believes in opposing every aspect of life without any constructive analysis. Such human beings spread negativity all around.

    Taking birth as a human being is a supreme blessing from God, but life can get ruined when people fail to use their logical approach and fan one's perceptions. Going by the perfect perceptions enhances life, but following wrong perceptions blindly destroys relationships, career, wealth and any good thing in life. Thus, it's always good to cross-check one's perceptions before forming any opinion. Accordingly, life will prosper, and darkness will lose its grip.

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    What the author said is right, as our thoughts may be different from others and every perception need to be cross checked before putting into action thereby avoiding conflicting egos and face off with others that we have hijacked their thought process for free. How we approach to each perception would really matter and when our moves are in positive and right directions, there cannot be mismatch or copying the idea from others. But sometimes we wonder that our thought process also matched with many of them but having experience over the matter and issue, we have the tendency to change it to our favour and their lies the winning combination within us beating the others for sure in the very idea itself. One thing is sure, if we are right path, even the small mistakes would be ignored and huge support would be there.
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    Perceptions may go wrong sometimes. So we should think and see all the things which made us come to that perception. Every coin has two sides. So we should see all the aspects and think twice. Always we should cross-check the perceptions. Another way to cross-check is by asking the views of our known people and see what is their perception of the given situation. This will make us be more confident. That will ensure the correctness of our perception. Anyhow again on this subject, different people will have different perceptions.
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    Perception depends on the thought process going through the mind of a person and depending on the combined effects of many perceived things earlier in one's life, one would go ahead. Even for an intelligent person it sometimes becomes difficult to take a correct action as he might have a wrong notion about a thing and under that wrong perception his decisions as well as actions might fail in achieving the desired results. It is imperative that perceptions are fully checked beforehand and generally people do that through sincere homework and serious pondering about the matters to be dealt in the near future.
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