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    When an organisation cannot pay us more!

    There are many Govt and private organisations where a fixed salary is given to the people in return for their duties and work in that particular organisation. Every year the salary may increase and at the time of the retirement the person would also get his funds like gratuity, PF etc.
    Apart from this a large number of people are engaged in different companies or organisations or internet sites for temporary work and they are paid either on per hour or per task basis. Due to unemployment there is a great rush for these low paid jobs. Not only unemployed persons but housewives and retired people are also making some pocket money by attending to these small jobs. Many people think that they can make good money in this mode but organisations have limited funds for these small and temporary tasks. So, even one is competent one cannot make good earnings in this mode. Have you got any such experience? Please share your views.

    (Note: Due to a mistake some other content was put here. Now I have corrected it at 2040 hrs of 06.03.2022)
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    The text begins with 'A nice post by the author'. Have you posted this as an independent thread by mistake instead of as a response to a thread for the Topic-based TOW?

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    The heading is about the payment to an employee by the company. I fail to understand the relation between the heading and the actual matter discussed in the thread. The author is mentioning a video and I fail to understand which video the author is mentioning.
    I agree with the author that differences in perception only will lead to discussions. If the participants can keep the discussion healthy the outcome will be definitely good ad helpful to all.

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    I think there is confusion. The author has placed the same text as his reply to the following thread.
    Do different perceptions create barriers to communication?. I request the author to relook at the text and do the needful correction.

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    Vandana and Dr Rao:
    Thanks for pointing out the mistake. By mistake I put another content in this post. Now I have corrected it. Apologise and inconvenience regretted.

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    The author is right that the regular employees of a company are enjoying better emoluments and perks where as the casual labourers or retired persons deputed for the same job are awarded the fixed amount of remuneration though there jobs might be commendable in the areas of their postings. In the steel plant we have seen that the retired crane operators are paid Rs 600/- for their duties of eight hours on a day where as a regular crane operator is earning at least Rs 6000/- per month. On calculating the emoluments of these retired workers for 26 days( excepting the off days during which no payment is rewarded) would get Rs 15, 600/- only though the quality output is more or less the same. They were initially the regular crane operators of the company but once they are retired, they have preferred the assignments for earning something for their families.

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    The main reason of low earnings in all these type of small task is that there is a lot of crowd attempting to grab the small tasks and make some money.
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    When there is no regular job and when there is no other way of earning, people will opt for daily wages jobs or hourly basis jobs. They will not get any other payment except wage. But in some organisations these daily wages people are also entitled to PF.
    There is another type of employment. Some people who work in a senior position in a company after retirement try to be a consultant or advisor to some industries where their experience and expertise will be useful. Such people will also be paid based on daily honorariums or fees. The amount will be a mutually agreed amount and the person will not get any additional benefits. These jobs are also temporary and for a fixed period and afterwards, they may not engage these people if there is no requirement.
    Young and qualified people should not compromise on daily wages and they should try to get a permanent job so that their employment is more or less a permanent one.

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