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    Do our wishes really matters for the seekers ?

    Whether it is marriage, house warming ceremony, betrothal function, thread ceremony or any other ceremony, we invite family and friends to grace the occasion and bless us. Though it is customary to seek such blessings in real sense we are making known the happenings in our life on which a lavish gettogether is thrown out to be graced by all and who attends the same would wish us and bless us with their choicefull presents in tow. Do we really look for such wishes and blessings or is that a customary to expect as such ?
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    It is always better to get good wishes from others especially elders for the success of the event or the function.
    When Lord Krishna went to Pandavas, all the children of Pandavas were saluting Him and taking his blessings. He wished all of them a long life and all success. But when Abhimanu went and saluted Hpm, he wished him all success only but not a long life. There itself many elderly people got an indication about the short span of life of Abhimanu. His mother tried once or twice to get the long life wish from Krishna to his son but was never successful.
    Knowingly or unknowingly if many are wishing our prosperity, the chances of our prosperity will be more. Definitely, the wishes we get will make us more confident. So when we are about to start an event or a work. we should go to a very elderly man/ woman and honour him and get his blessings and best wishes. That will make our journey fruitful.

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    Good wishes from the bottom of the heart really counts and the person who receive them gets benefited. For example, when a wedding is performed ,before tying the thali, the thali is kept on a plate and taken around to be touched and blessed by the elderly and other guest present in the hall. This way it is believed that the couple will have a happy married life.Everyone looks forward for somebody to bless them on important days such as birthdays,engagements and weddings. I remember when I used to go out to attend my examinations and attend interviews I used to touch the feet of my parents to get their blessings.

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    In our Indian culture there is a belief that good wishes or curses whatever the case may be have profound effects on us and our lives. Believing that many people will like to get good wishes from others and at the same time give good wishes to others during the various types of functions in which friends and relatives gather and enjoy. It is a matter of belief only and it is not necessary that one should have blind following for this.
    It is very common in our society that if something bad happens with someone then they blame that some person must had made a curse on their family. They even do some rituals or follow some techniques to remove that curse.
    So if the good wishes or curses are effective and have practical implications then people will definitely believe in them.

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    A good start which is a need of hour started by the author. Many youngsters do not respect the elders and hesitate to get their blessings even in the specified functions. Present youngsters are just vanished from the place of function or busy with their mobiles. As pointed out by Dr. Srinivasa Rao, our ethics are indicating the need of obeying elders and seeking elders blessings. Children should taught with such principles by their parents and teachers can insert such clippings along with their teachings so as to enable the children to store in their tender brain.
    In the same Mahabharat another scene. Dhuriyodhana came to know that Lord Krishna about to come to his courtyard for some compromise on Pandava's issue. So, he ordered all his court people not to give respect to Krishna by standing up when is entering. But known this Krishna directly went to Vidhura's palace and had some discussion. After that he accompanied with Vidhura to Dhuriyodhana's courtyard. When Vidhura comes first in the coutyard by seeing him, Dhuriyodhana raised himself to offer his respect to his paternal uncle and by seeing his raising from his seat everybody stood from their seats. Both dhuriyodhana and others gave respect to Lord Krishna. This was incident but the thing here is though dhuriyodhana was considered bad, he gave respect to his paternal uncle, an aged person.

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    Yes, it matters and that's why people seek the blessings of others. Blessings carry positive vibes which are quite important and the more blessings one gets the more vibrant the atmosphere becomes. The thing is the wish or blessings should not be half-hearted and must be from the heart. Now when one invites people on any occasion the person may think of it as a custom only but the original intention may be to seek blessings so that everything can happen smoothly. Even if one doesn't seek blessings the invitees attending the occasion can bless if they intend to bless and that's always beneficial.

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