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    Udad dal papad, Sabudana papad, Rice papad- home made and great taste

    Come summer, every home in the South are agon with activities of having Vadiyalu and that is prepared through Udad dal dow, Sabudana solid, and Rice flour concentrate mixed with Jeera, green chilli and added salt, these are made to cook to the solid and then made in designs with a Murukku maker , and made to roast in the sun heat and thus by evening these would become ready to eat when fried. The Udad papad would be very tasty and children would love it, the sabudana papad is easily soluble in the mouth and rice papad are crispy and ever in demand. Do you have the habit of making it at home as they compensate for regular preparations of curry ?
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    My mother and my wife. Both of them are having the habit of making different types of Papadas and Vadiyalu in the house. They will be side dishes with different types of dals. Generally, in our house dal will be mixed with different vegetables and make mixed dals. Dal will be mixed with mango. Dal mixed with leafy vegetables. Dal mixed with Cucumber. Like this various varieties will be made. For all these varieties, the above-mentioned papads are the side dishes. Similarly for sambar also we will take these items as a side dish. When sambar is mixed in rice by adding a little ghee and eating it along with good papad the taste will be excellent and we feel like eating more.
    Summer will be very busy for my mother and my wife as they will be busy preparing mango pickles. Vadiyalu and Papads also. Varieties of Papads will be made them and I like homemade papads much better than the papads purchased from the shop.

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    Papads which are made at home are very tasty and if eaten with rasam rice it tastes heavenly. My mother and elder sisters used to make plenty of those during summer. When we were asked to guard them from being eaten by birds, my brother and I used to pick them out while they were half dried and eat them up. How delicious they would taste! Although my daughter who is a busy gynecologist do not get much time, she is eagerly waiting to make some sabudana and rice papads this summer.Unfortunately, it gets over very soon.

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    Papads are normally tasty if made by the members of our house. The market brands would not withstand the products made in our homes in terms of quality and tastes. Though it is considered as one of side dishes which is served to relish the same at the end of the lunch/ dinner or taken in between while consuming foods. Though it might contain different spices to suit our tongues but the blends are perfect providing us tangy tastes. Urad Dal papads are my favourite side dish and my wife selects the spices carefully so that it could enhance its taste while relishing the same.

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    Summer is the season of pickle making and various types of papad making. With mangoes, lemons, Red chilly, Gooseberry, Tomatoes, Tamarind various pickles are prepared and stored for year. As papads have to get dried, hot Summer season is preferred for their making. Various types of Papads can be made with urad daal, moong daal, rice, Sabudan, etc. They can be made in various shapes and tastes. By mixing the small pieces of Ash Pumpkin with urad daal batter, special vadiyalu made in AP are very tasty. Sabudan papads expand like anything when fried in oil. Fryums made with urad daal outer covering are also very tasty.

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    Papad, pickle, and chillies are the integral part of Indian meals. Wherever we go in our country we find these basic things available everywhere even in small hotels and restaurants. In many households in our country, housewives prepare pickle and papad in the house itself. There are varieties of papads which are prepared in our households. In South India it is a common practice to prepare them like that but in North India also there are many states like Rajasthan, Punjab, and UP where these items are very popular. There are different type of papads prepared in our houses but the most common are the papad prepared with pulses or potato or raw banana or rice.
    The main thing with papad preparation is availability of sunshine. If sunshine is sufficiently available then papad becomes dry and crispy and become very tasty when fried in oil.

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    In our family all such papads are famous and always we have a stock. The papads are so helpful in needy hours of cooking. When we prepare vathakuzhambu, that is a sambar without dhal, the super combination is papad. Some years back there was a comment came that the consumption of papads especially urad dal papad leads to deafness. But that was not correct anything should not exceed the limit. Frequent using of papads may leads to deafness. The urad dhal papad made with jeera etc., in the punjabi style called Masala papad also a good one and even one can eat as evening snack with some pieces of onions.

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