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    More women voters cast their valuable votes in recent assembly elections. What it means ?

    The data collected by Election Commission of India across the five states where the elections held recently shown that women were enthusiastically participated and came out of their homes to cast their valuable votes and thus they took part in decision making of choosing a right candidate for their respective constituency. What it implies to you. Normally village women are restricted to four walls and kitchen and only men have the say in the society and decide on things in village level. But women asserting their voting rights and coming out in large members surpassing men, is the clear indication of women power in offing.
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    It is very good to know that more women used their voting power and voted for their preferred candidate in the election recently held in 5 states of this country. When I was very young my grandmother used to ask my father which candidate she should vote for. My father used to tell her and she used to follow. Slowly that situation changed and women started deciding on their own about their party and candidate. Now it is very nice that more ladies voted than gents. That means they have become the deciding factor. Chances for winning for the party that is supported by these ladies will be more.
    We always talk about women's empowerment. This will be a step forward in that direction. More women candidates should contest and win. They should be the leaders and they should become CMs. But the present percentage of ladies in the governments is very less and there should be an increase.

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    I think that it is a good trend. More women participating in the electoral process is a sign of the progress of the society and also an indication of increasing women empowerment. If this trend continues in the future then it would definitely give a signal to the politicians that they will have to look after the interests of the female community in all respects especially the measures for their safety and honour.
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    I think this is the welcome note to change of modern india. More women are participating and casting their vote is valuble indication to change our society. I am very happy to see this article. It is new trend .This is progressive system to empower women.

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