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    Why are some people politically incorrect?

    The society we live in expects us to be united and not to cause any unpleasantness and want us to be considerate. But, for some people, it is always not possible. Sometimes they embarrass others by asking too many personal questions which are politically incorrect. Do they ask such questions out of curiosity or do they want to hurt others?
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    When we say society, it's a concept only and does not have any choices. It's us who have lots of choices and varies from person to person. Interestingly, even if a person behaves in an unacceptable manner she/he always wants the other person to behave properly. What others are doing or will do is not in our control in any way and we can only apply the control to ourselves. If you find someone politically incorrect you have two options - either to correct the person or to avoid. There may not be any specific reason for someone to be politically incorrect and it's better not to get hurt by such acts because remaining distressed will not solve any issue. You may find some words offending while the others may not think of it in that way. How a person is brought up has a role here.

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    By the way for the common man, politics has no place but out of curiosity and interest in a particular leader and the party ideals, we tend to give moral support through participation in discussions and media replies. But that does not mean that we are hard supporters of that leader and political party. There is basic necessity of becoming a member of particular party and they would assign the membership card and registration number and that would authorise you to carry out their campaign and even carry the flag on your vehicle. But there are people around us who do not belong to any party and their support base changes as per their whims and fancies, and that kind of people are not trusted by the leaders, parties and the public at large. Once you start support the party, that should sustain and what ever may be the consequences you must remain with them.
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    No two persons are similar. No two persons thoughts will be the same. Even the fingers of our hands are not equal. These are the facts. One should accept these ground realities. When somebody is asking us a question, he may be really interested in knowing the issue or he may be trying to test us. We need not think about what he is asking. If we know the answer let us answer it or tell him that you don't know. But if you start thinking about the other person and his behaviour we will get diverted from our concentration.
    If we start thinking about why the other person is asking this question. we will lose our focus on the subject we are working and we will get diverted. This may cause them some delay in the work in their hand or some other good work on hand. So it is better not to look from a different angle and consider the coworkers as their friends and go ahead.

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    I consider myself politically incorrect (clearly mentioned in my profile), but I am never interested to know personal details of others.

    Perhaps the phrase 'politically incorrect' denotes something different.

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