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    Why some employers does not feel from the angle of employee?

    In private companies the work taken from each employee is always over and above the salary what they pay and out of compulsion and and no other go the employees cooperate with the management and be amicable to their every demand. Even on Sundays the key employees are called and assigned with additional work notwithstanding the fact that they too have the family and one day in week is the only way they get together and bond and even that enjoyment is snatched to bring in more fury and agitation within the employees. Why these employers are so rude in this regard?
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    The author is right that there are some employers in the private sectors that they would go beyond the standing order of the companies to maximise their production. They would even ask a few employees to report for duties even on the off days on some pretexts or the other. The employees have no option but to accept such proposals since they see that they might be sacked in the event of noncompliance of such instructions. They think that the present phase would no longer sustain and by virtue of their acceptance of the proposal of reporting duties on off days would be to secure a favour a favour of the management and very shortly they would be promoted with the enhanced perks. The management is is instantly benefited with the available of manpower and the employees reporting on such days see their rosy dreams of bright future ahead.

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    I have a different opinion. It is not rude behaviour but it is a compulsion. When the management is committed to doing a business, it should see that the organisation will do all that is to be done for its success. In this attempt sometimes they may have to work even on a festival day. Generally, the customer never likes the word tomorrow from the supplier. So the management under compulsion may disturb some seniors on a holiday. Such companies never mind even the seniors attend duties a little late also during the working days. Actually, all senior officers are supposed to be 24 X 7 on-duty employees. Many companies pay OT to the junior employees as per the rules if they engage them extra time over and above their working hours. Even for senior employees also they arrange lunch, transportation and other facilities if they have to work on holidays.
    There may be some companies where exploitation of employees will be happening. To monitor such companies is the duty of the Labour department. But unfortunately, the officers working there will become gloves in hands of the management and keep silent if these managements take care of them.

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    Employer's mindset is totally different from than that of employees. Employer has to take work from the employees and also help them in acquiring new skills and knowledge which of course would be used for the progress of the organisation. If an employee is reluctant in discharging his duties, the employer will quickly remove him from the job. Due to the fear of losing job many bad employees also pose themselves as good ones.
    Another interesting thing in this matter is that there are some people who if given a choice will not work and do politics in the office and take advantage of the weakness of the management. That is the main reason why Government and PSU organisations are to be privatised to bring discipline and efficiency in the system.

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