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    By focusing more on children are we neglecting ourselves?

    We the parents are thinking about the children and their welfare always, and sometimes the thinking would be too much and that leads to health problems to us and the children would be doing their own work notwithstanding our appreciation or concern towards them. Many of the parents wait for their son or daughter to come home and then have the food with them. The timing of arrival is late invariably the dinner skips to midnight meal. In that case the parents are spoiling their own health and children also say to parents have food and not to wait for them. But parents wont budge and they take over caring for every aspect.
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    Indian parents always place the children first while providing things and buy even the most needed things for themselves after fulfilling the needs of their children. This continues even after their children become adults and start earning. What is more, hypertension and diabetes which are related to stress happen mostly because they worry too much about their children? To illustrate, even when the children are grown up and come home late, the mother does not sleep even a wink till they come back home .It is unfortunate that the children do not understand this and disregard their parents and disrespect them without even thinking that they are hurting them.

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    True. This is more reality in the case of mothers. My wife even today will not eat till our sons eat. Both of them are software engineers and they will be busy and we don't know when they will come for lunch. I will wait for up to 1 PM and then I start my lunch. But my wife will not eat. She says she will eat with her sons. The chances of both the sons coming together are also very remote as their schedules are not in their hands. So she will wait till both finish their lunches. In many houses, it will happen.
    We will and should have a love for our children and we should and will care for them. But when we are healthy only we can be helpful to them. So maintaining our health is also very important. Love yourselves also and always take precautions your health will never get spoiled. If the health of the parents is not good, it will be very difficult for their children to manage the work. So top priority should be given to our health

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    In our Indian culture parents are too much connected with their children and are concerned for their education and well being and career and marriage and prosperity and what not. There is too much of affection in them for the children. Parents would be immensely happy when their children come first in exam or any other competition and feel joyous about their efforts done for the well being of children. It is a natural feeling and it is said that it flows downwards. What it means is that those children will also think in the same fashion when they have their own children. This strong bond is seen in many families and I would say that parents can sacrifice anything for the well being of their children. It is also possible that sometimes in that process they might not be able to give time for themselves but they do not mind it as their thinking and focus is only towards the betterment of the life of their children.
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