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    Eyes, hands and feet- the must watch during the breathing

    While we are having many exercise for the body routines and to keep us fit all through the day and all through the life, there are certain basic and specific exercises which does have direct contact to our eyes, hands and feet. Our breathing would stimulate the eyes and we should try to focus on far objects and try to notice them clearly. Likewise our hands must be stiff and not shaking and also our feet must hold good and not losing balance. If eyes, hands and feet are good, we are able to do any physical work with great attention and perfect satisfaction.
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    Breathing exercise is a very good exercise to keep us fit. But when we do it we should focus on the position of other parts of the body. How we keep them is also very important. That is why one should learn how to perform the same through an experienced person.
    There is a sequence to perform this breathing exercise and one should follow that without any deviation. Many doctors these days are suggesting this exercise for better mental health also. I and my wife were doing this exercise but recently we have stopped it.

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