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    I have uploaded my photograph today, However I am unable to type details of myself on my profile.

    I have uploaded a picture of myself on India Study channel. However. I am unable to type about myself on my profile. I had done it previously on my old account. Now I am unable to do so. Further, since I have become a Gold member,I wanted to become Google Adsense member also but it was asking me if I wanted to be independent or want me to link to any source. I had linked my old account with ISC and Google had also sent a special Pin no. by post( which I still have with me) when I was eligible during that time. I want to linkmy Adsense account with ISC but I can not do it. I am waiting for somebody to guide me properly.
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    Yes we could see your new profile picture and as regards message you want to write, it seems you are talking about forum footer and article footer. Go to your profile page, there is provision for writing forum footer and article footer which would appear in all pages automatically as and when contents are shared in respective sections. Since you are the member of the ISC, it is better to have Google Adsense through the profile page of yours because ISC as this site is the platform through which your previous account and current profile can be associated with the Adsense. For that purpose you have to write good articles and at least six approved ones would make you eligible for Google adsense. Meanwhile please visit profiles of other members as to how they qualified for the adsense and how they are going on.
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    Thank you, Mr. Mohan. I want to know is how to start introducing myself on my Profile. My profile page opens with all the details. Even my picture appears. But I can not type anything. My question is how to get the keyboard connected to my profile to type? Other aspects are fine and I can understand.

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    Congratulations. You are able to successfully upload your profile photo. Coming to the question of writing something on the profile page, you have to go to your dashboard. On that page on the left side, you will see a point' Manage Profile'. Under this, you will see the Edit profile. Click on that. Your profile page will open for editing. You can edit, change or add and then click on the submit button. You can try this. That is how a member has to edit his profile.
    Regarding the Adsense account, you can go through the following link which will explain you about the this link. Google AdSense
    There are some set conditions to get your name recommended for Adsense. You can get all such details by going through the various topics given in the above link.

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    Do you still have problems with editing your profile? Let us know.

    Hope the suggestions from DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao and Mohan clarified your doubts.

    Tony John
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    Niharika, I suggest you go through all the Help Topics once again. Most of the issues that need guidance have been dealt with under different headings therein. Please follow the guidance of Dr Rao. You would be able to edit your profile only by going to your dashboard and selecting the edit profile option there.
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    I have successfully edited my profile as per the instruction of Dr. Rao. It was very easy to follow the guidelines. I thank everyone for helping me and my special thanks to Dr. Rao and Mr. Mohan who always respond immediately to help me.

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    Glad to know the issues are sorted out. ISC family is always here to support you in your journey with us.

    Tony John
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    Regarding your AdSense account- If you already have one under your earlier ISC profile of Radha, then you cannot apply for a second AdSense account under your new profile. It is against Google policies to have two AdSense accounts.

    For linking your existing (old) AdSense account to ISC, I suggest that you follow the instructions Tony Sir gave this announcement and use the link that he has provided to associate your account with ISC.

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    Tony Sir, Thanks for your support and guidance. Thank you Vandana for your information about Adsense account. As you might be aware I do have old Adsense account under my earlier profile of Radha Muralidhar and it was active till I lost my phone and data.There was some dollars also.(very meagre amount) I do not know how to get back my old account and want to know whether it is possible to merge both the accounts. I will use the link Tony Sir has sent me under the guidance of some body who is good in technology.

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    Even though you lost the phone and data, you should be able to get a duplicate SIM and recover the accounts associated with it. Did you try it that way?

    Tony John
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    Yes. I have got the sim with the same phone number which is registered with ISC. My only problem is I am unable to recollect the password of my old account which I was operating as Lokhi.

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    Niharikha, I fail to understand your confusion. Your points about losing your mobile phone and the data, the possibility of reviving them and the ways to do it were all discussed vividly and in detail in these three threads-
    01, 02 and 03.

    It is disheartening to note that you are still groping in the dark despite all the guidance by members and editors. Please follow the advice given by the members and editors and, to be frank, be interested, generally.

    Tony sir, please note that the points being brought up by the member was already discussed many times.

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    Niharika, you have now raised another thread combining your problems. Please try to understand that our aim is not to discourage you. You need to open up and be receptive if you really want your persistent doubts to be cleared and want to improve yourself. There is no point in raising threads bringing up the same issues again and again. Try to understand the suggestions by members and editors and put in some effort. There is no doubt that you are doing well in the forum, albeit with some repetitions, but then you must follow the guidelines for other sections also so that you make a mark in those sections too. Do not be disheartened. Be ready to learn and improve and I am sure you would be able to do well.
    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -Robert Frost

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