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    Struggle as long as you can, but never give up

    Some people have very challenging life and they not have the breather to enjoy even a bit of moment and their struggle to achieve something unique is always on but never achieve the same for many reasons. Not that they are incapable of thinking smartly, but they do miss the chance because of varied factor and that includes even luck. Nevertheless one should not give up their try and the struggle to establish themselves must continue. Now that you are more experienced, the struggle seems to be one more assignment on hand and that need to be surpassed.
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    Life is to enjoy for all. But for somebody achieving their goal will give the maximum enjoyment. Such people will lalways enjoy their success. By spending time enjoying , they never feel happy. They will get real enjoyment in struggling and getting fruitful results. I have seen a person who was born rich. He was never lazy. He used to struggle from morning to evening. Not to earn money. But to help the needy. He used to serve poor who are sick. Basically he was a doctor. He used to treat poor people and there were instance where he gave medicines also free of cost.That village remembers him even today after 50 years after his demise.
    I accept the statement of the author. We should not give up easily and we should struggle to get the expected positive results always.

    always confident

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    Sustained efforts are key to progress and prosperity. Life is full of struggles and there are a lot of difficulties in reaching to our goals in this world and moreover the environment is so competitive that even the best minds and capable persons sometimes lose their chance to get success in life. But it doesn't mean that we should stop our hard work and efforts. Each day in our lives is a new beginning. We have to start afresh forgetting all the earlier pains and sorrows of our lives. A real fighter will never stop fighting. Becoming desperate and sit down and not doing the further efforts is the sign of a coward person. The journey of life is akin to a war. And in the war there is no stopping because there is only one direction that is proceeding ahead.
    Knowledge is power.

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    For many people, life is a battle and they fight it out bravely and never give up. For example, some disabled people still feel happy and try to achieve something in life. A lame man tries to walk with crutches and even works hard when he is employed. One should never stop trying as remaining idle doing nothing is not appreciated by anyone. There are many achievers in life who had struggled hard and succeeded in life in spite of their disability.

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    The author here expresses the motto of survival in the battle of life. All cannot win this battle, but those who win acquired through war only. So happiness is not possible in this world without war. Let's think about the unsuccessful people, after losing the battle of life, many become frustrated and lose. Others turn around even after losing and engage in new tactics and new struggles. Until success comes they struggle. In my opinion, these are really strong personalities because a lot of experience is gained from them. Since life is a cruise ship, it is also an indispensable element of struggle. So we should not give up on it. So I'm in the same opinion as to the author.
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    But we should not be struggler always, and be the winner too in some cases.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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