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    How many joint families have you heard about living amicably?

    Nowadays, we rarely find joint families, especially in cities of India. The reason might be due to the head of the family opting for a job out of the countryside to a city or there are some good reasons also. Slowly, the system of living in joint families will fade away, taking away with it a part of Indian culture wherein the majority of people in rural areas used to live together with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. However, a few individuals prefer living in joint families. Do you know any such families?
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    Many of us think the people huge money are happy but in real life they themselves also have some worries and problems and thereby lost their sleeping. Similarly the difference of opinion persists in every house if only husband and wife living even without child. Couples of love marriages as well arranged marriages too stand before family court, can we come to a conclusion that marriages should not committed by oneself. Every thing is in our own mind as our mind do not accept others suggestions, comments, criticisms. Clapping with one hand raise no sound but two makes noise. Similarly if there is no understanding between couples, brothers, sisters, in laws automatically a joint family or secular family have chaos. A brother of mine sent a message of his own to some relatives under copy to me and when I saw that message found some errors which clearly seems to be an error and when I pointed out that mistake he just saw me with a strange view and comments that I am always finding faults. Similar to this, in a joint family elders always expects perfection from the youngsters so as to pave the youngsters into a right way. But youngsters do not understand their view but instead planning to go separately. If a person joins in an organization, he/she is expected to follow the rules and regulations etc., though it differs from his or her earlier company, Similarly daughter in laws are expected by mother/father in laws to follow the practice of their house as the incoming people are the future rulers, as gents are not main people in the family running. But wrongly understanding this the daughter in laws imagine themselves they are obstacles for their rights and individuality. So the question of secular family is coming and they hate joint family system.

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    I and my two married all of us lived together for about 10 years after the marriage of the second son. My elder son has 2 daughters and my younger son has one daughter. I and those two are working in the same city. But both of them has to travel a lot for their office. Even then we preferred staying together only. Recently my elder son got transferred to Bangalore and just 15 days back they shifted to Bangalore. my second son is staying with us only and we are together.
    Joint families are having many advantages. Money will be saved. Overheads will come down. So we can save a little more than what we can save when we separately stay. But there are chances for misunderstandings between the people that may lead to the division of the joint families. If we can adjust and accommodate others also we will have peace of mind in joint families also.

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    I have seen many joint families in Hyderabad whether it is Hindu or Muslim , they are living together in same building as the staying would be different in the same home but the dining and other things happen in unison. In one such house when I went there during lunch time I was baffled to find 42 members of the family taking the food at a time on a big dining table in the big hall. That was lovely to watch the family bonding as three generations of the family tree are sitting there and though the children are more, how the elders are controlling the entire family and how their business on jewel, furniture, and chemical is not affecting their relations or earning is the situation to be seen and appreciated. I told them it looks like festive gathering everyday when everyone meets over the lunch for sure and so much things to eat as households are very cordial.
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    Some people have strong desire to live separately in their own ways free from all encumbrances and they would separate out at the first opportunity. In todays world where everyone is trying to get a job and earn individually this feeling is not a surprise. There are many other reasons for living separately but the result of all of them is that today we don't find joint families around us. Still there are cases where people are living in joint families but in most of those cases the reason for that is financial or emotional dependence of the family members on each other.
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    Now thinking of living in the joint family seems to be a matter of dream since the family is disintegrated due to migration of daughters and sons in the wake of their job opportunities and later getting them married. They would have their own shelters. Though the parents have sacrificed a lot in bringing them up, but unfortunately it the parents loose of the companies of their own blood relations. There might be the different reasons of saying good bye to their families but in the present scenarios, we cannot help but to adjust with the ideas of our own family members. Instead of thinking of their togetherness, we would say that they should lead a peaceful life wherever they are.

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