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    Written or spoken communication which one are you comfortable in?

    We all communicate with people for some reason or the other. While some individuals like to talk directly with the persons they want to talk to, others send text messages or use Whatsapp to convey their thoughts. Nowadays, people even send invitation cards on Whatsapp and avoid going personally to invite the guests. Why written communication is preferable to spoken communication?
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    If something is there in writing the communication receiver can recheck the communication once again in case of any doubt. But if it is oral communication you may not have anything to recheck. Even the person who communicated with you may also forget what exactly he conveyed. Then it will become a conflict between the two. There will be chances to throw the blame on others. Instead, if something is there in writing that will be proof of what was communicated. So there should be always something in writing about the information passed on.
    These days many people send an SMS message or WhatsApp message with the information they want to convey to you. In case of any doubt, you can send a message asking them for details or they can give a reply in the same media. That will always help both the parties involved in proceeding confidently.
    In case of disputes also these written communications will help to fix the person who did the mistake or where the issue went wrong.

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    The medium of communications are always changing date to date. About two ot three decades ago we use Postcards, Envelops etc to communicates the the post but now we are not interested to send any messages through post. Similar When we have only simple mobile without features of sending and receiving image then we invited our relative by talking but now we have no time to talk, we only send WhatsApp messages on any occasions
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    I am of the opinion that spoken communication is better than the written one and even in whatsapp messaging, the spoken or the audio message has the personal bonding. Gone are the days when there used to be printing of invitation cards in advance and it was expressly written that family and friends be there for the occasion at least one week in advance. But these days whatsapp message, and emails are used to invite us and we are also getting habituated to new way of communicating. For elders who want to communicate with the cell phone, they use the voice message and that is easy as they need not spend more time on typing to which there may be errors and mistakes and voice message are the best options left who do not have the courage and ability to write great messages more over voice messages are treated as personal.
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    Nowadays most of the people are comfortable with the text communication because this facility is with us to do that. One distinct advantage of the text communication is that it is very clear and unambiguous and it is a record which will remain there forever. We can communicate by speaking also but many times what we tell and what the other person hears may differ significantly. That can create a confusion in interpreting the message. In certain circumstances it is not possible to communicate in text mode because of the personal reasons or security reasons and then we have to talk to the person in person only.
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