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    The bond of marriage is becoming weak

    In our Indian culture marriage is a process where two individuals come together to lead their life jointly. Once a girl and boy were wedded, they used to remain together. Getting separated was never an option for them. Both of them were living together and taking care of their children who were the common property of both of them. They used to adjust with each other. Many women might have suffered those days but they never thought of getting separated. They used to respect the bond of marriage as a permanent one and their thoughts made the bond very strong.

    But these days we see a change. The strength of this bond is coming down. The concept of divorce cropped in. These days some married couples even after having children also are not hesitating to go for divorce. This act of parents will have a major influence on the minds of their children and such children are suffering a lot mentally. In my opinion, once a couple is having their own children. they should not think of divorce. They should live together for the welfare of their children. I like to know the opinion of the members.
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    In earlier times many women were dependent on their husbands and were not earning money themselves so there was no question of divorce unit the husband wanted to do so. With time the ladies of the house also started getting educated and started going for a job and became earning member. That changed the situation drastically and women also started to take their own decisions. If a husband is doing cruelty to her she can leave him and have her own life. In such a situation it is obvious that the number of divorce cases might increase. Though there could be many other reasons of divorce between a couple but most of the times it is fuelled by the financial equality.
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    There are many reasons for the bond of marriage becoming weak. Firstly when both the bride and groom are the earning members, sharing of amount to the girls parents are never discussed and agreed prior to marriage and thus difference of opinion. Where there is too much crowd in grooms place to which the girl could not sustain the presence due to taunting on every issue. When the marriages are held with inter caste or inter religion and not having the acceptance of elders also ends in divorce. And when the husband wants the boy child and when the girl is born, the difference of opinion crops in. All these are petty reasons for seeking divorce and the lawyers are working overtime to get the divorce done by charging huge fees. It is the judges who must think twice before giving the final verdict of parting and give one more chance.
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    Ego between the couples is the main cause of their dissatisfaction. Once there is the difference of the opinion, fighting between them is bound to occur both physically and verbally. If we go back to the past at least for Hindu Families, the couples were appreciating the feelings of each other. They had the nature of adjustments in all the situations and hence there was no chance of their separation at any stage. However, with the spread of education, both the couples are highly educated and this has resulted in overconfidence between them. In al out all the issues, they differ to each other. This will cause their stressful lives. If they appeal for the divorce, it would not take appreciable time to get them separated since lawyers are working days and nights to help in the process of divorce.

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    Recently i was married a year ago, when i was observe this entire marriage pattern is okay. Then come to the our topic, it was started between ego and selfish. Ego is the most dangerous element between both of us.It kills my strengths and comes to weaker .Then, i was felt ,i loss. automatically inside of my heart started a small ego part. then we are both of them are miscommuniated and behave like a fools. Finally whatever the reason we were realised and keep calm .
    This is my strength.
    anyways happy womens day

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    Why such couples are not thinking about their children? The children of such a couple will miss the affection and love of one of the two parents. When they see the other children they feel they are unfortunate. I feel at least for the sake of their children they should be together.
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    Many adult men and women of the present generation do not consult their parents before selecting their partners before tying the knot. They marry in haste and have a child soon. However, when they discover that they have no compatibility, without thinking they opt for divorce. The victims of their irrational behavior are their innocent children who get into depression at a very young age. The couple should consult a marriage counselor and iron out the differences at least for the sake of their children. I remember the famous quotation of Swami Vivekananda which says"They alone live who live for others" I would tell them"Why do not you live together for your children?

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    In earlier times , most women were dependent on their spouses, so even their marrige was not successful, women were forced to stay with them for the sake of children and also because of the apprehension about what society would say. Now, the circumstance has changed , every women is educated and financially independent and are opinionated. In the past, the concept of marriage was like a union between two families. Now it is a bond between two individuals . Divorce is a not a right thing to do , but if two people are not compatible in an institution like marriage , it is a wise decision to get separated rather than clinging to a toxic relationship. It will negatively affect the upbringing of their children too. A divorced parent is much better than a toxic parent. In India, the reason for the majority of divorces happens due to the unnecessary interference of inlaws in married couples' lives. Everyone should marry someone when the right person comes into our lives rather than for the sake of getting married.

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    There are many reasons behind the divorce or weakness of marriage bond. One of them is misunderstanding. When a couple do not feel the emotion of each other then they have no options to live together. Generally we see that when the couple have misunderstanding they are quarreling. The never think about their child or parents.
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