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    Theoretically everything appears brighter but when it comes to working hard ...

    Any proposition for making a career or to progress in one's life appears to be perfect while discussing it theoretically but when it comes to performing commensurate hard work and efforts for achieving the same then many people shirk off from the suggested paths. It happens many times that we chalk out some ambitious plan and some aspiration to achieve but when we start to work for that we find ourselves standing at a void as how to go ahead and execute that plan practically. It is also very common that after pursuing the plan partly some people leave it feeling that it was not their cup of tea. Does it mean that we had not done the adequate homework before starting the job? What are the reasons of this mismatch? Had you ever gone through such situation? Please share your experiences in this regard.
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    We can think of so many things but how many we have implemented is the question? We may write many plans on a piece of paper but how many of them were implemented? To tell is easy but to do is difficult?
    There is a boy in my neighbourhood. He was doing his intermediate. He used to tell me that after completing his intermediate, he will go for B.Tech and then he will go abroad to do M Tech/MS. I used to observe him. He never concentrated on his studies and finally, he failed in his inter.
    We may have many goals and we may have roadmaps for achieving the same. But we should travel through the map to reach the destination. Some people may be intelligent and their IQ levels may be high. But even such people also should work to some extent to be successful. There is no second route for success. Hard work will always pay a dividend.

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    It is the fact that so many plans are made and even strategies are created by seeing the past performance of the poeple behavior and the person who creates such plans does not have the field experience. Surely we can find this in marketng persons. The company arrange meeting of all the executives in the morning and give the pep up speech only to enthuse the marketing persons to go out with courage and result oriented. When they really makes calls and visit the customers. the past bad expereince are vented out and even hooted out of the premises. If such a call or customer is the first person to visit, then imagine the strategy of meeting so many people and the sales person gets dejected if rejected in first visit and first customer. Now he does not have the courage to meet the second customer in the list.
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    Yes, there is always a gap between thinking and acting. Very few people can have a good match between their thoughts and actions.
    Knowledge is power.

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    For good outcome of any work there should be focus in what we want to do as well as proper planning. If we follow this method religiously, we do not have to stop or step back out of our goal. For example, if anyone wants to go abroad or study abroad, that person has to take up some tests which are mandatory such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and a few other tests. However, I know some people who spend plenty of money with a view to go abroad but drop the idea as they are unable to clear the test which is mandatory. Due to lack of proper focus, they spend money on a large scale as well as their time and energy but ultimately fail in their attempt to do something really good for their future. Therefore, before planning anything in life, one must carefully select what they want to do.

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