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    Why is it easy for affluent people to become successful in life without working hard?

    Many people have special traits and work hard to become successful in life. However, only the rich people who have back up of individuals with power become successful very fast while the poor and many able persons toil to make themselves successful in their endeavor. Please discuss.
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    Money is a very powerful entity in this world and it helps many people to progress ahead successfully in their lives. We all know and believe that money can create great convenience for the people who have it. In plain words money is a great facilitator. It can sometimes miraculously get those things done which one cannot attain even after doing hard work and sincere efforts.
    Money is not only a powerful thing but it has a great quality of luring people to it. Corrupt and dishonest people get the smell of money quickly and in faster modes. They will take money in exchange of illegal activities or undue favours. Those things many times facilitate the rich people who can easily afford to bribe these corrupt people.

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    Money makes many things in this world. That has been proved many times. So people who can spend money can get things done very fast. That is the nature of this world. In addition to money if we have power also we can do many things. The political leaders will have power and they will become friendly with rich people. Both of them together can do many things happen. But a common man will not have either money or power. If we know persons in power and if they help us means we can also do many things. In many cases, a phone call from a political leader will get the work done. Some people can not get even a small thing also on their own but the money will make them successful.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to a Vijay starrer movie in which he lives a jolly person of a affluent police officer family and having clout in the govt and his father wants his son to become a police officer to which Vijay does not like. But the things are arranged in such a way that exam, training and even selection process goes through high recommendation and fortunately he becomes the head of heroine who happens to be girlfriend and the story move around their chase and miss. What I am trying to say that those who are influenced and have the clout in govt, would surely give strong base for the children to which they need not toil like others and their position would be good with silver spoon life, not much effort, always battery of people around to help and the life would be easy and achieving always.
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