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    We need to be more pragmatic than ever now

    A particular parent with a debt of forty lakhs works as a Principal of a leading school in a relatively backward (educationally) district of Tamil Nadu. His daughter has scored some percentage of marks in the NEET examination, but her present position is that the girl can be admitted to a medical college that would charge the father a near 40 lakhs in terms of fees alone. All other expenses would add up to at least another eight lakhs.

    Whatever the man has saved would vanish if he admits her to that college. The girl has a sister who would also pass plus two next year. Hence, the father is as confused as ever.

    But his matriculate wife is not. She is crystal clear. No way, she says, that she would say yes to the 40 lakhs being spent. Her stand is to let her daughter prepare and do very well in the next NEET examination and study in a Govt college, where the fees are very reasonable; it may take a while but let the girl do it.

    It is time for each of us to stay tuned to larger realities like the mother. We just cannot borrow beyond our means. Debt can simply tear us apart. Like this gentleman who keeps paying only the interest as of now and is unable to clear even a bit of the principal. It is time to tighten our belts.
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    That is correct. Going for debts is not good. We will end up paying a huge amount as the interest itself. These days an average employer is always paying EMIs for the times he has purchased on loan and losing a lot of amounts. So as far as possible we should not think of going for a loan anywhere. There are people who think one year is very valuable and as age passes, it will become very difficult to compete with the freshers. But in this particular instance, the mother expressed confidence in her child and decided that she will redo NEET.
    There is a Balaji temple near my house. The priest has two daughters. The elder daughter is doing her B.Tech. The second daughter wrote NEET. The priest told her if she gets a seat in a government college, he can support her otherwise it is not possible and he can't pay lakhs of rupees as donations to private institutions. She did well and got a very good rank and acquired a seat in Osmania medical college. Hyderabad.

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    I would side with the mother in this matter, and what she said is the replica of what the middle class has to think regarding higher education. There are many issues here. That the girl must score with good rank and that should be in creme de la creme so that she would be sure shot of getting MBBS or Dental seat in govt quota. And her Intermediate science and other faculties marks also matters and that should be outstanding to consider for admission. Though the father may be over enthusiastic and want to give her elder daughter the best education, not at the cost of totally emptying the reserves he has and nothing left for the family and second daughter. Moreover the Medical studies are further expensive with books and accessories to which the middle class cannot sustain in private college as the asking would be more.
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    Private institutions are charging very high fees. Everyone cannot afford that. There is no point in getting lured by these institutions which are cheating the students in the name of education. The number of government colleges are not sufficient to accommodate all the people aspiring for the medical course.
    It is true that we must be very careful and should not be spending money unnecessarily in lure of these expensive colleges. There is no meaning in spending of the life time savings for simply admission in a college. Earning money is not such an easy thing that you can simply spend it in such matters. Better alternative would be to work hard and get admission in government college where fee structure is low.

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