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    Happy women's day to all the Women members of ISC.

    Today is a special day for Women and they get recognition and are facilitated for their various contributions. I wish all women members and Dr. Vandana a very happy Women's Day.
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    Thanks for the wishes, but there is no need to single me out by specially mentioning only my name. Nor am I a 'Dr.'

    I think it is more appropriate for women to be felicitated throughout the year and not single out a particular day for it. All these concepts of singling out a particular day to wish mothers, fathers, women, etc are a little too much frankly.

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    I will address you henceforth as Vandana. I feel as women are considered to be inferior to men in Indian society, it is good to celebrate Women's day because at least for a day they are made to feel special. For example, some families I know even get a new dress for the lady of the family and celebrate by cutting cakes in her honor. Of course, some men support the female members of their family and regard them in high esteem throughout the year and I think the majority of men do not like women to be superior to them.

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    Happy womens day to the author and also scores of women members of ISC and across the globe. Today is the great day for women as they are being recognized at the home. society, office and at the country level for their immense contributions in the progress of the society. A women always adores a family and that is the great ambition for her to have best things to everyone and the way she sets things, gets achieved, advise others, coordinate to makes others achieve, are the great qualities in some. I have found that some women are multi tasking persons, and they keep busy themselves and does all the work without saying no. Surely we the men does not have such patience and we cannot sustain much work at one go and that is the reason women across the globe are praised for their wonderful contributions in every walks of life.
    K Mohan
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    Thank you Mr.Mohan for your wishes and I also wish the women members of your family all the best in their life.

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    Happy women's day to all the members of ISC. I agree with the comments of Vandana. A lady should be given her credit every day and everywhere. There is no necessity to single out a day for them.
    Unfortunately in our society ladies will not get the credit that they really deserve. We all worship Goddesses. But never respect our own mother or wife. I really can't understand this. Many people believe that the supreme power of this world is a lady and we worship her as a Goddess. That is good. But why do we fail to recognise the supreme power that is sitting right in front of us in our house?
    Many epics of Hindu religion says that where a lady gets worshipped there will be all the happiness. Where a lady will never drop a tear there will be all richness. Let us all learn to respect our own family lady members .

    always confident

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    Happy women's day to all the members and their families. We have already entered the age of women empowerment. Today women have come out of the four walls of the house and taking part in all the activities which were earlier the sole areas of men's dominance. All of us have to understand in our lives that women are equal to us in all the respect and in fact they are more important because they are not only doing outside jobs nowadays but in addition taking care of the household duties also. So it is imperative that we must consider the honour of the women and appreciate and respect their contribution to the family and society.
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