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    Role of women in social development

    Today is International Women's day. I salute women all over the world for their great sacrifices to make a better world. Without her contribution, we would not have had the advanced world where we are today. No doubt, she plays important role in social development. In early times, the role of women was limited to household work only like cooking, cleaning, child care etc. But today, their traditional role has changed. She performs multiple roles in all walks of life. They are now ready to take up challenges in any field like politics, business, different services, and so on. They play a key role in the socio-economic development of society.
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    The role of women is very versatile and given any task they are able to do without any delay and error free. Moreover the women are very focused on their work, and they would not like disruptions and distractions during the work and that is the reason being so they do the work very qualitative for sure. As a mother, she nurture the child as the best citizen of the country, as a wife, she shapes her family well, as a partner of the organization she brings more profit to the entity, as organizer of any event, she would make flawless, as a administrator of any organization, she shows full perfectionism. as a director she has the niche to pursue her own thoughts for best productivity, and as a economist, she knows how to balance between the income and expenditure and above all she is the all rounder who balance the life with elan.
    K Mohan
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    Women are no more confined to houses. In earlier days a woman used to spend all her time in the house and taking care of all the members of the family. I have seen many families where the lady relentlessly works for family development. The children from such houses are very disciplined and they touch greater heights in this society. If a family is not having the guidance of a lady, there will be many problems in the family.
    Now ladies are trying to show their interest in all the fields and they are becoming successful. They are overtaking their male counterparts and showing that they can do anything much better than a gent. Our society should encourage them and see that their works will be recognised by all. In the coming days, we will see the dominance of ladies in all the fields and males will be behind them only in all the fields.

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    Without any doubt, I would say that women play a key role in the development of society. The Time Of India has published the successful story of women achievers to honor them on Women's Day. Even women above sixty-five years are also great achievers. The mother is responsible for making their children do something good for the people of the society and progress well in life. Therefore, the mothers should bring up the daughters in such a way that they bring laurels to their family.

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    The world is changing every day. Women whose identity was secluded only as daughter, wife, mother and home maker have changed in the last 20 years to different positions in socio- economic sectors. So many women are becoming entrepreneurs aand CEOs of big companies. They outperformed in all fields, whether in politics, medical,business, sports and entertainment . The number of females who have become financially independent is increasing day by day. Women in the 21 st century contribute their inevitable role in the Indian economy. From roadside vendors to founders of big avenues, women manifested their power in every sector that was considered the domains of men. Every women needs a strong support or moral boost to achieve their goals.

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    Day by day the role of women is becoming more and more prominent in many areas whether it is social, economic, or even political. So we can hope that in coming times the women empowerment would further strengthen to greater heights. Earlier their contributions were confined to household activities but today they are working in important positions and taking decisions of high level. Given a chance and equal opportunity women can perform well and compete with men in all the areas in the best possible manner. So the issue is simply of giving them equal opportunity and everything then will flow in a normal course.
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    The role of women in social development is immense though they may not be the direct contributors or participants, but their taking part is always seen even in the rural back drop. Though the village would be small, the women goes to the field, fetch the vegetables and sell them in the market and eke out the life. The urban women are having many works on hand and they have immense talent to exhibit and excel in their own way and earning would be easy. Some women work for financial independence and for them they need not work. And some work for having satisfaction of job offered being very good. That is the reason being so teachers job is always suited to the women and they excel in this noble profession very well. India is the great country wherein the women are doing excellent in sports, politics and academics and now into to the armed forces.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The role of women cannot be denied what they are doing in their spares. While looking after their kids, she would prove to be the best guide, tutor and helper. She would do everything whatever is possible from her end without complaining any one else. As a home maker, her role is crucial and she would perform the best in this area. Now as a role of manager in the both the private organisations or public undertakings, they are committed to work and would try everything for to show their best performances. They are successful as the roles of nurses and so is the case with their roles of doctors. Whatever the roles to these ladies are assigned, they would do the same marvellously.

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