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    The possible reason behind Russia's invasion of Ukraine

    In my opinion, Russia's intention to invade Ukraine is quite clear. Russia's main objective is not to protect the people of Russian descent or to secure their territories. Russia's goal is to ensure that Ukraine does not lean to the west and become a member of NATO. The only way to achieve this goal is to change the government of Ukraine. The US-backed government has come to power in some of the new Soviet countries and in the countries of Soviet-influenced Eastern Europe. Through these countries, NATO can influence Russia. Putin sees Eastern European countries joining NATO as a serious threat to Russia. Russia believes that pro-Western President Zelensky has risen with the help of the Western world and has brought Ukraine to the brink of NATO membership. But the effect of the ongoing war will be felt worldwide with the destruction of Ukraine. What do you think?
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    The author is right that the war going on between the two countries would be ultimately disastrous in many ways. The land in the Ukraine as of now contains the huge residue of exploded bombs apart from the huge wastes of exploded buildings. These are to be cleaned so that the construction activities for flares are to be taken up to take care of accommodation of the people. This would be really a tough task in the upcoming time. Oil reserves will also be affected because of indiscriminate bombing operations of the Russian Administration. Pollution would cause a matter of worry not for Ukraine but also for the Russian people. The ongoing difference between the countries could have been sorted out with the peaceful talks between the two countries so that massive loss of people and lands could be halted.

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    There was no problem between Ukraine and Russia earlier but Ukraine started to make business relationship with European countries and China and in that process started ignoring Russia. The fact of the matter is that Russia and Ukraine are having a certain understandings and accords for mutual business and political relations with other countries. Slowly and slowly Ukraine forgot all these accords and mutual understandings and slowed down its business activities with Russia. This was a big shop for Russia and he started to attack Ukraine. In past also Russia had attacked Ukraine and annexed some of its lands to Russia. Of course this time the Russian attack is the biggest one and it is going to stay for some more time till the whole Ukraine comes under its control and Russia is able to place a government there which is under it may be in an indirect way.
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    The author understood the matter belatedly and it is the reason for the war initiation and its going tuff for Ukraine. But yesterday there was come down from Ukraine President that he is no more interested to take Nato membership and thus gave a signal to Russia to stop the war immediately. But had this was said before the initiation of war, Russia would have surely backed out of war zone. Now much damage has been done , people fled, properties destroyed, economy shattered and what is the use of compromise now. And other countries who are having interest in Ukraine are now coming with open support and Poland even ready with Jets supplies. Now Russia thinks that the present Ukraine govt must be out and the Army should take over so that new Ukraine would be formed later. However Russia lost international face.
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    Correct. In a way, I feel the USA's stand is the main cause for this problem. The US might have mentioned that Ukraine is not contemplating joining NATO. But it refrained from doing that. When USSR was there they were almost competing with the USA on almost all fronts. The division of the USSR made Russia a little weak. Now if some countries show interest to join NATO. Russia may become further weak. That is the reason for Russia's outburst on Ukraine. This is evident.
    As the stand of Ukraine is not favourable to Russia, that country planned for war and it intends to get the government that supports Russia and will not lean towards NATO. Now we are seeing the war and its effects on the world. The aspiration of becoming world leaders is high to Russia along with the USA. This power craze only is creating all these problems.

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