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    Who is behind the mask, any clue?

    There were local body elections in my place a couple of weeks ago and I am narrating my experience of voting here. I went to the polling booth guarded by policemen and the voter's slip issued by the EC was there with me. While entering the booth, the policemen just asked for the voter's slip which I showed them and they told me in which room to go. After entering the room I again showed the voter's slip to the officials and signed the logbook maintained by them to indicate my participation. Before applying the indelible ink on one of my fingers one official asked me whether I was carrying any identity card in such a tone as if carrying an identity card is not at all mandatory. This time I displayed the Elector's Photo Identity Card and now without saying anything more, they allowed me to vote. Yes, that's what we all expect and should be but the interesting point here is during this entire period of entering the booth and casting my vote I was wearing a mask and nobody tried to verify whether the picture of the person in EPIC and the person casting the vote is the same or not. How did they know it was me? Is it possible to verify a person's picture from the mask? Members, have you come across such a situation during voting?
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    Unfortunately we have no elections during the covid protocol period and hence we have not faced the problem. But while applying ink and asking for the identify the poll official should have asked the voter to unmask and verify the credentials. This is very important and there seems to be free for all elections in West Bengal as we know Didi is very much desperate to win against all odds and this may be one more strategy not to insist for mask. However this post should be taken by the EC at Delhi as to whey there was no botheration to check the varaticity of voters with their face and card and that should be done compulsorily in all elections hence forth. The author has brought in very good alert to the EC and at least the law enforcing agencies at the gate entrance should have verified the face and voter card to send in.
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    This is an interesting and amusing post by the author. This thing not only happens in the election booths but it is happening at many places where we tender the Identity Card for verification and no one asks us to remove the mask. There is some interesting psychology behind all this. Most of the people who are sitting at the verifying seats realise that if the person is showing a valid identity card then it is his own identity card because it is very difficult to get the original card of other person for someone misusing it until unless there is a planned crime or evil act behind that. Especially in the places where there is a cross check like the election booth and other places where token is issued based on Aadhar number or identity card number it is very difficult to do a fraud with the mask on the face and along with a identity card if other person. When I was in my active service whenever I enter the office the security guard only checked my identity card and never saw towards my face.
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    This really an interesting post depicting the author's concerns regarding the authenticity of the casting of votes. Though there are verifying authorities at each point to see every norm regarding the voting protocol is being maintained. The most interesting feature in the current time is the mask laced in our face and this becomes the face of the voters almost unidentifiable if the mask is not removed. However the promptness of the officials are not being seen with the unmasking process needed to be done for the verification purposes. Though they would ask whether the voters are carrying the voter's identity card. If they nod their face the same would be taken as an affirmative response. Finally the chapter is closed for further verification.

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    I have not cast any vote during this COVID 19 period and hence I have no similar experience. But in Andhra Pradesh, some local body elections were held and my parents went for voting. The voting process is the same as that described by the author in his thread. The important issue is they also did not ask my father or the mother to remove their masks as they can verify the identity. But it is a village and the number of voters is less and there is each party representative in the entrance and definitely, they are the local people and they can identify the people. So there will not be any objection. Even in normal times also when there were no masks also all the staff conducting the vote will never identify the people. When a voter enters the polling area, one officer will call the name of the person and the identification number. The party representatives will say yes and then the person will go inside and vote. If any one of the party representatives objects then only the identification issues crop up.
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