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    Will inducting more women into the armed forces increase it's efficiency?

    During the hearing of a petition in the Supreme Court on International Women's Day for the induction of more women in armed forces through NDA, the government expressed a change of mindset and accepted the earlier observation by the court that more women should be given the opportunity to enter the forces through NDA. Do you feel that the efficiency of the armed forces would further increase if more women are added to the forces in different realms in different capacities to safeguard the security of our nation? Your take, please.

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    The idea behind inducting of ladies is not to strengthen the armed forces. It is to give equal rights to women also. These days women are having all the capabilities and they can compete with men in any area. So they can enter armed forces through NDA like men are getting entered.
    It may become or it may become or it may remain as it is now. There are chances for everything. We can't say. There will be a selection procedure and the procedure may be the same as that of men as it is for the same post. People who perform well will be selected. So the chance of determination of abilities are improvement of abilities will be very less and I feel the strengths will remain same. Let us wait and see. I hope many ladies will show interest to get into the Armed forces and working for the security of the country. I wish them all the best.

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    Women have been joining and working in armed forces in India for a quite long time. In supporting wings, the women have reached top levels. As for example, Air Marshal Padma Bandyopadhyay (Retd.) or Lt.-General Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar (Retd.).

    However, women have very recently got the permission to join the combat wings of Air Force (fighter pilot) and Army (artillery, infantry or armoured) or in Navy in India.

    They have to prove themselves in the combat role just like women have done in Israel or in some other countries.

    I am sure Indian women will fit in the combat roles. But it will take some time.

    However, the issues of women joining combat role and the armed forces getting strengthened by this participation are not inter-linked.

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    The compatibility between the women and men armed force officers is the matter of interest now.
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    Slowly the women empowerment is becoming a reality and women are proving themselves in every field including the army. Actually we have to be more proactive in this matter because joining the army by a few women is not going to make the thing complete because we have such a large population that we can afford a large number of women in army. How to do it effectively is the question. One simple way which Govt can think of is to make army training compulsory in our country. So any person after his education should compulsorily go through a 1 year short course in army so that when required he or she can be called to serve the nation. It is obvious that no one will be permitted to start a shop or service or joining a job without doing that training. If that is done by the Govt then there would be no problem of recruiting more women in the army because they had already gone under the mandatory 1 year short course.
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