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    How do you rate Ashwin and Jadeja as all-rounders?

    I always try to evaluate their contribution to the Indian team as genuine all-rounders. But many people opine that Ashwin and Jadeja are bowling all-rounders, i.e. they are bowlers who occasionally bat a little bit.

    What is your opinion in this regard? Are Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja genuine all-rounders? How do you rate them?
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    The performance details of them are as mentioned below.
    As a bowler strike rate of Jadeja is 60 and the economy of 2.4. Ashwin has a Strike rate of 53 and an economy of 2.83 in test matches. As a batter, Ashwin has an average of 29 whereas Jadeja has an average of 35 in test matches. There is no much difference. But Ashwin has taken more wickets than Jadeja.
    Jadeja has a bowling economy of 4.9 with a strike rate of 44 whereas Ashwin on the other hand has an economy of 4.9 and a strike rate of 40 in ODIs. Coming to their batting performance is concerned Jadeja has a batting average of 31 in ODI. Ashwin's average of just 16.
    Ashwin has an economy of just under 7 and a strike rate of 19 in T20 and in the same format Jadeja has an economy of above 7 and a strike rate of 22. Coming to their performance in batting in T20, both of them are having almost the same strike rate but the batting average is 11 for Jadeja and 30 for Ashwin.
    Both of them are very good in their bowling and as batsmen, Ashwin did well in the T20s but Jadeja in the other two formats.

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    The Board of cricket in India is the big organisation and they have the tab and details of every player, their record for the self and record for the team and the country. India desperately needs good all rounders and both Ashwin and Jadeja proved to be all rounders. But unlike Kapil dev who was also a all rounder then, used to bat well and played wonderful cricket at the time of need and bailed out the country into losing. The more they play the matches, the more they would become the best all rounders. Just because in some matches they could not be good performance, they should not be dropped or sidelined. The pitch, the wind situation, and the crowd behavior also matters during the bowling, and a little pep to the bowler would make them come back to the game with great performance for sure.
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