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    Fun days of playing gully cricket and losing the ball to neighbours

    Ever had tons of fun playing cricket in the bylanes of your locality? Share your happy memories.

    When we were young, the craze to play cricket was immense, but there was no ground, no wickets, nor a proper bat, and even not a right ball to play. So we used to play in our gullies or lanes, Unfortunately, the hit of the ball would break the window panes of the houses of residents, the ball would never be returned back to us and we would run away from the spot. We never had the wisdom to think that the ball would certainly hit a vehicle. person, or enter the home and that would make a mess as even quarrels would take place for sure. Such days are missing.
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    During our childhood we were also playing cricket in one of the lanes near our houses. Unfortunately, due to the objections made by neighbours residing nearby we were asked to stop playing there. That was a big shock to us but then we got a small place adjacent to a park near our locality where we started playing. There were no houses around except a few shops which were closed on Sunday.
    We had a good time there playing and only problem was that that place was on a high relative to the nearby roads and we lost the ball many times down the road. Then we had to run after it and search it.
    Still playing the game with old bat and brick stumps was a great thrill and still makes us enthralled whenever we float back in that memory.

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    During my school days, we used to play cricket on the streets. There were no wickets. We used to keep bricks and if the ball touches the bricks the batman will be declared out. The bat is nothing but a wooden stick. But we used to have a ball that is almost the same size as a cricket ball but not that stiff and the weight of the ball is a rubber ball. By any chance, if somebody hits it hard the ball used to open up. The aged among the lot used to bat and small kids were used to standing in the field. It was a good experience. Later on, we started playing on the grounds of the school. Majority of the days we used to play badminton in the court when I was in high school.
    Sometimes some elder people going that side used to caution us to be careful when were playing cricket on the roads. Those days we used to feel happy with what we had and those are the days we most enjoyed in our lives. These days are different.

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    But giving out was always quarrelsome as action replays are not possible.
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