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    Do not keep your cell phone data ready on- small children may book something

    Small children are more accustomed to cell phone operations and they know the wifi signal, the data availability and above all how to book food online and even book the taxi. Parents are not aware that when they keep the data on and busy in the kitchen work, the small children would fiddle with the phone and there are every chance to book anything through an app. A little boy booked a Ola taxi and the owner denied that he never done and has to pay the taxi fare for having booked and visited the house. So keep the phone away and switch off the data so that nothing that sort happens with you.
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    This has become a big problem in many houses. So there should be locks for all our phones and the unlocking code should not be known to these children. Now cell phones are doing all financial transactions for us. So if we give these phones to them there are chances for mishandling and we may lose some money also. Hence we should be very careful with the kids.
    Another thing is people should not give cell phones to children as they are getting addicted to them. They are wasting their time on these phones and neglecting their other important aspects. So keeping the phones locked is very important. That will help in many ways.
    Unfortunately, many parents were forced to give phones to children as they have to attend online classes and that made them get addicted more.
    Mobiles are no way good for children.

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    There exists a contrast difference between the kids of yesteryear and the kids of present time in the sense that at present the kids are smart in handling the smartphones. If the parents have trusts in these kids, they are not aware of their mischievous styles. They can book anything of their likings. The parents have to pay penalties ultimately for their wrong doings. The same thing is not applicable for all kids but we need to take some precautions. Datas are to be locked so that there is not undue utilisation of booking of any article from any website.
    At the same time, we have to ensure that they should use their smartphones for their online classes. Soon the classes would function in the normal ways and there would be least chances of its undue utilisations.

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    Nowadays, the use of mobile devices by children cannot be avoided completely as they use them for online studies but at the same time, parents should remain cautious. Keeping the devices password-protected and avoiding the installation of unnecessary apps is always advisable. Children are always inquisitive and they can try anything if they get the devices. Engaging children with outside activities like playing games, etc may help to reduce their habit of excessive dependency on mobile devices.

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    This is a very interesting post provided by the author. There are some children who are very expert in these things and can do something of that nature just by a flick of fingers.
    Parents should be very careful and alert on this account because children do not know the value of money and think that there is ample money with the parents and they can spend whatever they want. They know the value of money only when they complete their education and search for a job for 2-3 years and then settle for a small jobs and are always worried that how will they manage their lives and their families with that.
    Let us make our children aware of all these things from the tender age itself so that they become a robust citizen in future otherwise they will be a liability on the nation.

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