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    Why are some children of today becoming overweight?

    Children, in general, like to consume fast food such as pizza, pasta, noodles, and other food which are not good for regular intake. Some parents order these types of food online and serve them because they like to eat them. The children who eat such food items very often suffer from obesity. In addition, they do not play outdoor games. Instead, they play games on their smartphones or laptops. How can parents stop their children from eating food which contains fat items and makes them abnormally fat?
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    The food habits of the children and their physical exercise will decide their physical condition. At the same time hormones imbalance is another reason for this obesity. Many children eat too much oily food and cold items like ice creams and cool drinks. They are not good. Added to that the kids are getting addicted to cell phones and they will not have any physical exercise. In addition to that, they will not sleep properly. One of my friend's grandsons is doing 10th class. He never sleeps before 1 AM and he will get up at 11 AM. His supper is at Midnight and that too something like noodles or some other fast food. His parents are not able to control him he is the only son for them. That boy never cares for them. He will not go to school regularly and he says he will not attend the exams also. He is very hefty and looks like a big man.
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    What I have seen that the elders, parents and others who love the children, always insisted that they be given food very often even before the child ask for and thus over eating leads to over weight and obese. Normally children like many kinds of foods, and apart from it the mother would prepare something special and that can be fries or chips in the home and that way oily food lead to more obesity. And we know children love chocolates and cakes and these items add up to the weight. Grand parents love to see their grand children with chubby cheeks and wont mind even giving outside junk food if the child persists. And children are not having any playing activities and thus there is no exertion from their side and all the fats add up to bulging stomach at the smaller age to which the child grasp for the breathe.
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    Great question by the author. The main reason is parents. If we get food in house we never turn to hotels. Parents need not watch them or keeping eye on them as supervisor or headmaster. They should be amicable with the children and they should spend time with them, they should casually talk with them. But present parents in the guess of 'no time' they left the children unnoticed. A friend of mine in Bangalore made her son as a very great as she and her husband treats their son as a friend and they enjoy the family and the boy himself a great person who is 33 years of age now. In those days our father and mother took us to the hotels and we got practiced to eat whatever they gave to eat. Another relative in Nagpur used to offer some poga upma or pakodas immediately her son returns from school and after removing his uniform. If parents offer like this the children never go for junk foods. If parents are with friendly approach the children will never go to the friends/ neighbors house where the possibility of junk food practiced.

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    The flavours added to the junk foods of all kinds attract and lure the children as well as adults equally and it is very difficult to keep a control on that. In such a situation how can the parents ask their children not to have those tasty items. So I think parents first have to control on themselves in this matter and then control their children. Junk foods are the main cause of increase in weight in the children and until that is stopped nothing can be done in the matter. At the most they can be allowed to have it may be once in a week or once in ten days. We have to encourage them to eat more fibrous foods than that of oily ones.
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    Apart from the reasons mentioned by me and other authors children are loved and adorned by everyone and they are offered with sweets and chocolates for free even before asking them. There are some people especially elders who have whole lots of chocolates in their packets while walking would part with the sweets to children and then say hail. Though the children would not accept the sweets given by third person, in this case when they are spotted playing in the park or open grounds, the elders would approach and offer them the chocolates and if the uncles were regular and the children would accept without any force. So what has been seen that there is no stoppage for the children in terms of eating and at the same time they are not exerting pressure out of their body and thus obesity is taking the center stage.
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