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    When your pretension often get revealed in public

    We are all humans and often we end up in situations where we tend to exaggerate or boast about the things that are not actually there and the moment someone recognises the boasting we shudder into embarrassment.
    At times we are at the end of being embarrassed on the other we are at the end of embarrassing someone else, but these things tend to happen. Has it happened to you when you were pretending something and people already knew the reality? or vice versa. One of my friends always boasts about the things even though I at times know the reality but I don't mind as I don't want to hurt feelings but when I get angry or irritated I sometimes want to uncover all her pretensions.
    What do you do in such situations?
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    When we are in group or among the known persons, we have to trend with care because our every move is known to them and we cannot pretend to be great performer on all counts and we are likely to be cornered by those who pretends to be friend but has the hostile attitude inside and these are the people who are ready to expose our weakness and drawbacks in public and that would be very embarrassing and we cannot show face to others in future. Some people want to display their recent purchases and also adds something which they have not purchased and we really believe because they have the purchasing power. I think we simply nod at those people who pretend to act oversmart and let them got exposed over the course of time because we have enough time to prove that they have wronged in the past.
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    I feel it is better to overlook people who pretend to be better than others and boast about their achievements in public which might be exaggerated.A real achiever does not tom tom his or her accomplishment in public and remains humble. However, the public is able to recognize them and treat them with reverence.Humility is much noticed than pride.

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    When I was in my 10th class our social teacher asked all the students about the method of writing a promissory note. He wanted the should who don't lift their hands. No student lifted his/her hand. It indicates that all students in the class know how to prepare that document. The teacher again asked to confirm that. Again none lifted their hand. Then he asked one of the students to get up and explain how he will write the same. The student got up and he is not able to tell the answer. Then the teacher asked him why he has not lifted his hand. No answer from him and the teacher punished him. All the students started laughing at him as he pretended as if he knows the subject. Then turn came to me. I stood up and explained the wording that will be used in preparing the document and I told the procedure also. So no punishment to me. Sometimes when we pretend as if we know everything. we will be caught easily by other people who are good at that subject.
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    Many people have a habit of boasting. They think by doing that people would give them more respect or honour. But they do not know that people are not so simple that they will not understand this show off which are made to impress other people. It is the natural tendency of some people to show off more than their worth just to create an impression that they belong to some higher class but what is the use of that show off which people catch easily though they don't tell anything on the face of the person.
    Best thing in such situations is that we should in the beginning itself tell that person that he should not make tall claims and talk with us in a plane language as that will be better and we would be giving him good respect without those tantrums. After hearing that they will not do such things in future.

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