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    Managing memory in old age

    Memory is a very interesting and useful thing in our lives. Unfortunately, with age it gradually weakens and then our activities and performance decline. Experts and health professionals suggest many remedies for maintaining our memory or strengthening it but all those supplements suggested may or may not work in all cases and their efficacy is a matter of doubt.
    It is also believed that if the health of a person is good then the chances of losing memory are less though there are no scientific affirmation for that view. Anyway, when the memory decreases then it becomes difficult for the seniors to remember anything and it affects their day to day life. Some people advice that seniors should write down everything and note down everything and see it so that they can find out what is to be done and what has been done by them or by other people in their family. This might help them in retrieving the things which they had forgotten.
    Can you suggest any method or tip to have a good memory in old age or to manage it by noting down the things or some other method like that? Please share your ideas.
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    When the age crosses forty, that is the transforming period from adult to a old age phase and though we do not agree, it is the fact that from this age, we lose our memory, hairs turns to grey, wrinkles starts appearing and the appetite has the play. But managing memory in old age is difficult and some seniors are unable to do their signature when they visit the banks. But out of known perceptions, and the officer on duty would take the thumb impression and make payment. There is no other way to memorize except jotting everything in the dairy and that must be in possession always. Some seniors are not convenient with the cell phone use, otherwise they can maintain the memory through notes and saving them in the drive. Nevertheless the seniors are not for updating themselves and want to live simple and therefore noting is best.
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    The power of remembering the issues will change from person to person. Some will have a very strong memory and some will have weak memory power even though both of them are of the same age.
    As we grow old our memory power will come down. Not only memory power, our activeness, working ability etc., will also come down. This is mainly the effect of age only. But we will not forget all the things. Even at old age also some issues which we experienced in our younger age will not go away from our mind. Probably this will depend on the impact the issue made on our mind. Some issues will be of interest to us. So the issues related to those interested areas will be there in the mind forever and we will not forget them.
    The best way to see that we will not forget the issue is to note it down in a small book and carry the book with us. I used to write the things to do in a book and verify once in a while so that we will not miss any important issues.

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    Diminishing memory is very common among old people which is a matter of concern for them. The best way to remember things is to note down the important things to be done in a notebook or a diary and follow them up. I can not think of any other way.

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