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    Rise of AAP from regional to a national party- Posing alternate to BJP

    At the outset congrats to BJP for giving its best performance in UP elections and Yogi Adityanath would again become the CM of the state. But what is more surprising is the ouster of Congress and wresting the power by AAP. We know Arvind Kejriwal party was concentrating only on Delhi and got good name as regional party. But getting 90 seats in the Punjab elections is the great transformation from regional to the national party and with this win Kejriwal would be asked to lead as the alternate to BJP at the national level. The voters are great and once again proved they can change the fate of parties.
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    Not surprised but wondering about a mandate by the people of Punjab in favor of AAP but good to see INC is leaving Punjab too.

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    For Congress party Sidhu has proved to be iron leg and the party which was enjoying power is nowhere now.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The election results are as expected and the exit poll results are almost matching with the actual results. It is expected that AAP will win the elections in Punjab and the same happened.
    It is also expected that BJP will surely win in Uttar Pradesh and the results are in favour of that party only. BJP is all set to win more than 267 seats in this state. Congress's performance is very poor. In the other three states also BJP is doing well. Only in Goa Congress is showing some fight. In the remaining three states the performance of Congress is very low.
    It is good that AAP is doing well in Punjab but it is too early to say that party will become a national party. It has to spread in all other states also. With the outcome of this assembly results, we can hope that BJP will have fair chances to come to power again in the centre in the next coming elections.

    always confident

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    Arvind Kejriwal has clean political image in the minds of people. People of Punjab invited AAP party to have a good rule in their state. It is nice to see a political party with secular and non-religious oriented party to impress the voters with their developmental agenda. If such new trending parties take over the reins of the country is always better than religious and caste based parties to rule the country. This experiment becomes successful, the present politics become clean and good.

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    "It is nice to see a political party with secular and non-religious oriented party to impress the voters with their developmental agenda"--------- I humbly submit that AAP is offering freebies to the voters of Punjab. But Punjab is not Delhi. What is possible in Delhi, is not possible in Punjab.

    There are various other issues in the state which makes it totally different from Delhi. As for example, drug menace and Pakistan's nefarious activities in the border.

    Of course, the AAP leadership will learn it a hard way.

    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

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    AAP party has done well in Punjab and taken advantage of absence of BJP as well as failure of congress in Punjab. We must give all credit for it to Mr Kejriwal who had negotiated well with the local leaders there. Politics is a game of numbers and precise calculations and Mr Kejriwal had played it well. In our country, there are many local political parties in states and there are issues in different states which require to be resolved in specific ways suited to those states and only that party can win there which understands the sentiments and aspirations of the local people.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The results are not very surprising since we had anticipated in that way. The most surprising result is the tremendous achievement of AAP in Punjab since it has scored 92 seats out of 117 reflecting that good homework was exerted in taking confidence of people of Punjab. We have had much expectations from the congress in this state but the results of this party in this state is quite disappointing.
    However, getting a clear mandate of BJP other than Punjab, we could anticipate that BJP would work smoothly as a strong government relieving the hardships of poor and step forward towards betterment of economic growth to a new height.

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    Voters have a message here. No more hereditary or family parties are preferred across the country.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I do not consider AAP as a national party. Its model of governance cannot sustain for long. They depend on promises of freebies, doles and concessions. It is difficult to govern by that model for all times. The case of a full fledged state like Punjab is not same as that of Delhi.
    A state like Punjab needs a god plan to mobilize resources and channelize it for production and development. The AAP model does not have any core development and production increasing plan. So people who are now attracted by freebies will want more and will get easily dissatisfied and disappointed soon.

    So let us wait and watch how the new AAP govt in Punjab is functioning. They have a very comfortable mandate as of now and if they will so, they can work wonders there with development for long term too.

    Let the new AAP government bring prosperity and peace to Punjab and thereby to our country.

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    I admit Kejriwal has a different way of doing things. Freebies are different but I have always seen Kejriwal leading from the front and using the most common means to reach out to the voters is what seems to have worked out in winning Punjab.

    I do not know how far the allegations made by Former AAP leader Kumar Vishwas are found to be true but so far Kejriwal has a clean image but this cannot be classified as a political party with secular and non-religious orientation. Kejriwal government prepared a list of 100 doctors who died in service due to corona but only one selection was made out of those 100 doctors to award one single doctor who turned out to be a Muslim. It is on the internet if one intends to find the additional details. Just start from the beginning of his carrier into politics to date and you will notice that he cannot be believed on facts but when considered in pieces he is a clean image.

    In the meantime in the present scenario of Delhi, after freebies, I have never seen so many liquor shops witnessed in a close radius of 2-3 km. What is going on in here?

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