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    Time to change the game to defeat the Communal forces

    The Prime Minister will take pride in trying to do whatever he can to bring about an India where his only communal party will rule the country without Congress. The results of the five State Assemblies will possibly give him enough courage to keep on claiming from rooftops that he and his party are invisible. The truth is that Congress should have thrown out a third rate fellow like Siddhu in Punjab and brought in the change in leadership eighteen months prior to the date of the election. This has unfortunately not happened. It has done well in Goa and Uttarakhand.

    Rahul Gandhi should now wake up and go on the offensive. He has a fairly good potential to unleash his own hidden potential. Even if Congress win 100 seats throughout India, Congress will be in a position to support a big group of all Opposition parties, to defeat the BJP and the communal party's ideology in 2024.

    Let us hope there will be a change at the national level.
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    The results of assembly elections in 5 states have shown that the majority of people in India are in favour of the BJP. But for some, it is a hard truth that can't be digested by them. Anyhow, whatever people say once again BJP has shown its potential.
    It is high time that the only strong party in earlier years in our country, Indian National Congress, should introspect and immediately take all necessary actions. That will ensure at least an opposition status to that party. The think tank of the party should at least wake up now and revive their party with prompt actions. Otherwise, people will completely forget that party.
    Now the third front hope of KCR, the Telangana Chief Minister, may not click as AAP will take the lead saying that they are in power in two states whereas all other regional parties are in rule in the only state. Let us watch the game and enjoy.

    always confident

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    1. How can Rajiv Gandhi wake up now, even though the erudite author wants it fervently?
    2. The game is changing as desired by the respected Member. The real communal forces are losing every contest, thanks to the great people of this great country.

    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

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    The more the people who keep on harping on communal forces and so on agenda, the BJP is going strong and formidable with courage to win against all odds. Take example UP and Uttarakhand performance, the covid labor return situation, the farm stir, the then the deaths of covid patients, all were thinking that Yogi govt has lost and nothing to survive, but the party has created record, and won the state again with comfortable majority. When there is no chance to defeat the BJP even at the national level the parties has to contain to mute level and even KCR would think twice now to venture against BJP at the national level and voters once again proved by giving verdict that in future also they would not trust the splinter parties grouping to achieve something, instead vote for BJP which does not have hereditary plank.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Congress has definitely suffered because of the leadership issues and it has to do a lot of introspection and reorganisation before it comes back to limelight in future. Politics is a game of numbers and every party will accuse other party in some way after the election results are declared. For example AAP has clearly won in Punjab because BJP does not have presence there and congress is already out of the minds of the voters and only option for the gullible voters was to vote for AAP. Only future times will tell how AAP is going to bring back Punjab back to its glory from the clutch of drug mafias and separatist elements.
    Many people are attributing the word communal with BJP but it is passing the benefits to all the communities based on the criterion of poverty only. Improvement of law and order and safety of women is also a matter that is being considered by this party on priority. So seeing their performance, I do not see anything there of communal nature. Only difference from the earlier regimes today is that the present Govt is not in favour of appeasement to a particular community irrespective of it being a major or minor community. Once the general public gets this point understood clearly then BJP might score more in coming times.
    So, congress has to ponder over these points meticulously and chalk out their plan with a new agenda if they are serious in coming back to power in future.

    Knowledge is power.

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    For the last three months or so, my workload has increased two-fold. As a result. I was forced to drastically cut down my reading-habits. When I was planning how to curtail my newspaper reading, news-channel watching and e-newspaper reading, some friends told me to be 'sofie' (short form of the word 'sophisticated') and to chose only selective Le-Li newspapers/channels/news portals like NDTV, The Wire, Anandabazar Patrika (Bengali), The Quint, Caravan, etc.

    So I tried to become a Le-Li. I drastically cut down my reading list and started reading/watching NDTV, The Wire, Anandabazar Patrika.

    OMG! They simply produce negativity in tonnes. Watching NDTV programmes on Ukraine forced me to firmly believe that all 20,000 Indians stranded in the country would surely die due to wrong policies of present Indian Government. What a panic-mongering among stranded students and their worried guardians! Such powerful are the Le-Li channels! But only three days back, I understood that Operation Ganga has become a 100% success.

    Similarly these Le-Li channels/newspapers, through their election coverages, almost made me believe that the so-called 'terrible communal fascist party' was surely going to lose. In the innumerable election coverages, these channels/reporters could not find even a single interviewee in all the election-bound five states who would vote for that 'terrible party'! All were waiting to teach that party a lesson! The defeat of the party was a foregone conclusion. We were only required to wait till 10th of March for the formal declaration. After that, India would firmly return the Le-Li way!

    10th March 2022 came and has gone! We all know the outcome. I have decided to disassociate myself with these Le-Li symbols of negativity and doomsday-preachers.

    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

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    My dear Partha Sir should touch his heart and answer: is it fine if there is a call to butcher Muslims and the great PM does not even condemn it? Please touch your heart and answer. Has your great PM addressed a single conference, except singing his own song through the Mann Ki Bath?

    In what States have the toilets been constructed? Through electoral bonds, they have minted money. So, is it fine if this money laundering is fine> Can you tell me from which bank account, the BJP party paid Rs100 crore to each Congress MLA to defect to their party in Karnataka? Do you justify such blatant misuse of power?

    Can you ever tell me how many new jobs were created after 2014? After 2018, in particular, statistics only reveal that we are losing one crore jobs every year. So, in spite of all this nonsense, your communal party will win elections.

    Now, wait. You can fool people for sometime, but not fool all the time. The worst communal party in the whole world will one day realize this hard truth. Do you know that even during the evacuation, there was discrimination against South Indians? Do you know that the hapless students were forced to speak in Hindi? Just because they do not speak Hindi, does it mean that they are not Indians?

    Do you know that the Tamil Nadu and Kerala Governments took special efforts to bring back the students from the war torn country?

    How is that people like you still believe that the BJP is not a blatant communal party?

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    There are very few online news portals that challenge or question the government. The Wire and The Quint are such news portals among them. 'The Hindu' is the one newspaper that presents news in a very proper manner. The NDTV is a very good news channel. I am not surprised if some people do not like these.
    The NDTV in its election coverage since the voting is completed, predicting a win for the BJP. It presents fairly balanced views.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    The author has been raking up non issues to which even our editors are mute spectators and wants to escalate his mentions now and then and branded the PM as butcher Muslims and if that was fact, how come BJP won in the Muslim dominated constituencies to which even AIMIM which claims to be the custodian of Muslims and SP which claims to be the protector of Muslims failed to garner the votes and BJP won there. Why the author failed to give credit to govt and PM Modi on Covid management, free vaccine program, Mitigation of migrants and above all keeping the youth happy with self skill jobs. All these are not seen nor heard by the author and keep on harping in those issues which was highlighted by media which were against the govt. If Modi was wrong, then people would not vote him, but he is getting better and better.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have read erudite comments of Sivakumar Sir and KVRR Sir.
    Sivakumar Sir has raised many issues. Due to paucity of time, I can't try to analyse these right now. Only one issue I would like to discuss.
    Sivakumar Sir has said: "Do you know that even during the evacuation, there was discrimination against South Indians? Do you know that the hapless students were forced to speak in Hindi? Just because they do not speak Hindi, does it mean that they are not Indians?"
    I humbly request him not to do this. This can be done by reckless leaders from his beautiful and enchanting state, but is not expected from a highly educated person like him. MEA of India functions in English. Even the lowest-level MTS of Indian Embassies speak and converse in English. So, this allegation is ridiculous.
    Kindly don't do this. A very humble request.

    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

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    May I ask the author what does he meant by being "communal"?

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    So far as KVRR Sir's erudite comments are concerned, I would humbly submit that I had been watching NDTV's Chaupal programme (Sanket Upadhya) and election coverage of Srinivasan Jain, I also had the misfortune of watching The Wire's Arfa Khanum Sherwani's election coverage. For weeks and weeks, these illustrious (so-called) journalists could not find even a single person who could tell before the camera that they would vote for BJP. If any common man like me watched their programmes, they would definitely conclude that BJP's defeat was a foregone conclusion. But the outcome is different, isn't it?

    Finally I would humbly submit that the opposition parties must start preparing for 2029 election at the right earnest. The great Le-Li media would definitely support/assist these parties in their long-term endeavour.

    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

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    The more the media is abusing the PM and the BJP party it is growing leaps and bounds and time again the author has been suggesting packing of communal party and this is the right time. But when the person is getting strong and strong, when the so called Congress party is disappearing from the map, who else can fight equally against BJP. What I feel that Kejriwal has the knack to win the votes for the opposition but his win in Punjab was due to Congress mismanagement and BJP unable to come up due to farm stir. Nevertheless, Congress has been sent to ICU and cannot cope us as of now and if Kejriwal takes interest to fan out Pan India, then there is chance of big fight against BJP but by then the strategies of Amit Shah and Nadda and the Iconic figure of Modi would have invaded into their future dreams for sure.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The word "communal" simply means talking nonsense against any Religion and it's followers day in and day out; it is also communal to issue threats against minorities or kill a person of the minority religion only because he had beef in his refrigerator at home; worse, all these acts were committed by the "communal" party called BJP and it's parent organization called the RSS.

    The word "communal" also includes any attempt made to influence any voter in India by talking everything good about just one Religion and attacking places of worship and even education, more so, when these institutions are run by the minorities. It is great for the so-called leaders to accept money or jobs or whatever from fabulous secular countries of the UAE, that have provided millions of jobs to people of India's majority religion. But it is "communal" to keep on talking nonsense against those who run such institutions.

    Worse, those leaders who talk so much about the pride of the majority religion have themselves studied in world-class institutions of the minority Christian institution. Even worse are the attempts being made to even justify the killing of Mahatma Gandhi.

    It is such a big Ramayanam, but hopefully Mr. Anand will wake up from his Utopian slumber, touch his heart and at least acknowledge the mess that we are going through. Of course, people like him, who are blind Modi Bhaktas will never complain if we loose 2 crore jobs every year; if millions of contract and casual labour slog it out everywhere and if that unwise lady occupying office of FM does nothing.

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    I watch NDTV English news channel. When it was showing that BJP is going to win Uttar Pradesh, I lost all interest and did not follow the analysis or the results. As far as I am concerned, NDTV is a good news channel. In fact, politics is not interesting anymore to me.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    The present trend reflects the change of the mindset of the people. At a time, when was occupying its supreme position, this could not be no more seen seen due to the fact that congress is not doing home work properly enlisting the priorities of the people. It is not even in the third position in terms of ranking. This deterioration has taken place all of sudden but this transformation is due to the indifferent attitude of the congress leaders.
    In any democratic government, even the role of the opposition is important so that the ruling party cannot take undue step in their administration. Hence the reorganisation of this party would be the vital task to revive their lost glories.
    AAP party is slowly regaining its strength and hope in the upcoming time, it will strengthen further and people would be more inclined towards this party.

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    Perhaps the author missed my query and so again reiterating,

    "May I ask the author what does he meant by being "communal"?"

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    Ved Prakash, doesn't the response at #753707 answer your query? Are you seeking further explanations?
    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -Robert Frost

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    @ Saji Ganesh
    I am sorry I missed the comment.

    Well explained but what about the other side of the picture? I regret reading those lines (#753707) and possibly I should have spent my time somewhere else to be more sensible of my knowledge and experience. I would like to inform you that I am much restrained here because I am more conscious of the fact that @ Saji Ganesh is watching this closely for any required action.

    By the way, the sky is the limit and I have more reasons to smile here and probably the concerned know why.

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    Ved Prakash, why should you be restrained and why should you miss a response? Open up! I have just stated facts and I am sure you are aware.
    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -Robert Frost

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