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    Caste-based reservations need amendment within the limit.

    We are in a social system where not all members of society are equally involved in social production. Accordingly, under the system of keeping the lower caste in hard physical labor and service work, the society became entangled in its structure. This reservation policy was introduced to handle it. But its far-reaching evil has created further economic divisions among the reserved class today. Even a lot of rich and capitalism has been created among them today. I think it is important to get rid of this further inequality and for the success of the reservation system income limits setting became necessary. Just as the government has recently introduced for the upper-class people. Therefore, it is important to include income criteria among them also. What do you think?
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    Though this topic and matter was discussed many number of times in this forum, but the fact remains that economic divisions among the people of society has been persisting and there is no respite. The lower caste were happily accepting the physical labor they have been given with as others would not do the same job and the payments are also made more. But somewhere or the other the political parties have soft corner for them and by virtue of vote bank politics the reservations on caste based is implemented and in fact more quota demanded from various castes. Many among these people are well off, they have big complex rented out or leased, they have cars and still under the net of reservation and enjoy the benefits. The recent scheme of TS govt for self employment under the Pride of Telangana has made them to own more than one car.
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    The reservation policy that has been in force is not favouring the needy people of the society. When downtrodden people even don't know the facilities they will get through the reservation policy of the government. A member of the family utilised the reservation facility and became an employee in the government. Again his son and daughter will also avail the benefits of this reservation. Like this, three or four generations in the same family are enjoying the benefits and enjoying their lives. But a person who is living by doing hard work, never know about the reservation policy. A tricycle puller's son has to live by pulling the same tricycle and his son also will have to do the same thing.
    There is a need for change in the reservation system. If a reserved category person is earning good amounts his family members need not be given reservations. There should be a link to the financial condition of the family in giving reservation facilities.

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    After the independence of our country there was a need of reservation system to bring the poor and downtrodden out of their poverty. At that time this was a good decision and it was taken for ten or fifteen years and after which it was supposed to be reviewed. But due to political reasons it was never reviewed but it was simply extended and extended by all the governments. Everyone feared that if it removes that proposition then it will lose the election. The thing was that who will bell the cat.
    There are many rules and regulations like reservation system that has to be removed or overhauled immediately. There should be a political will to do that. There are many other things also which require immediate attention like population control, rationalisation of salaries but everything has inherent risk of affecting the election and the number of votes that a party would be getting after that correction.

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