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    Never eat too fast. It may spoil your health

    We all will be spending some time eating. Some people eat very fast and some eat slowly. Always eating slowly is good not only from the health perspective of the individual but also one can enjoy and relish the food. Slow eating will make us chew the food properly and that will make the food digest easily. This will strengthen our teeth also.

    Eating fast may lead to excessive eating which may result in health disorders. At the same time when we eat fast, we don't even have a proper taste of the food. your brain requires some time to send the signals of fullness. If we eat leisurely brains will get the required time to tell us that we are full. So we should eat slowly. I hope the members will agree with me.
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    This is good advise as many of us in a hurry to finish the eating and rush for the job because we are not allocating time for breakfast and lunch and thus there is no meaning of healthy food in take without munching and thus it would have effect on health. At the same time there are people who make lots of discussions over the dining table and also spoil the eating time of others and that is too much time taken to eat is also bad for health. Elders used to say that before the hands gets dry we must wash the hands and that should be the timing of eating. The children are the slow eaters and we have to be after them to eat and the elders are slow eaters because they have the problem with teeth and munching, so we have to choose such foods, which are easily eatable without time waste and at the same time tasty too.
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    The author has raised a very intersecting article where in he stressed the need of right way of eating. He has stressed the need of proper mastication of the the food so that the taste buds feel the taste of the food and eating slowly with thorough munching is the best way of its absorption in our digestive system. While doing so, we are taking every care of our health. We have seen many people taking their foods in the canteens or elsewhere in groups consuming a considerable time in finishing their foods. This type of slow eating is not the healthy practice either since this will cause health issues if we prolong such situations. Now with the fast eating with an intention to take up other important assignments if continued for a long time, we are inviting problems such as digestion- issues or stomach discomfort. Hence we should adhere to the right norm of eating with thorough mastication of the foods before it reaches to the belly.

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    Many people are suffering from this bad habit of eating quickly. It is said that this habit is inculcated since the childhood time itself and especially if the parents are having that habit, the children would pick up it fast. The author of the post has already given the details of the negative effects on our body by this bad habit. I will just like to add that I was suffering from this bad habit during my service period because I was always ready to go for work in time and never bothered for my food to be taken in such a disastrous manner. I tried to change my habit but I could not because old habits die hard. After my retirement I practiced a lot for slowing down my my gulping manners and today though I am not fully successful but I am trying to take my food easily and calmly. It had badly affected my digestive system also and I suffered a lot because of this bad practice.
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    Yes, that's correct and it's always advisable to concentrate on eating only while having food. Many people have the habit of doing something when they have their lunch or dinner, especially dinner. For example, watching some programs and having food will break the concentration of eating depending on how intensely the program is viewed. In that case, one may not notice how much they ate or what they ate and that's not going to help them in any way. Discussion at the dinner table is always good but the focus should be on eating and not only on the discussion. A piece of good advice by the author which we need to follow.

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    In Tamil there is a saying 'norunga thindral nooru vayathu' which means if we eat patiently we will live hundred years. Here patiently eating means calmly sitting and eating by grinding and swallowing patiently. But nowadays people like to eats by sitting in chairs, beds and some people by standing which simply shows their impatience and their concentration will not be in eating. In some cases people eat in hurry as if running to catch train. In such all cases the digestion is zero and for this they can better keep starving.

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